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Laura, animal boarding in Pontardawe

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Hi there I'm Laura.
Well I've always had pets I had my first dog Isaac a gorgeous, loving German Shepherd we adopted while living in N.Ireland. I helped train him with my Mother and he was my best friend.

Since then I have had mostly cats, I currently have 3 cats, 2 males Toby and Butler both neutered, micro chipped and vaccinated, and 1 female kitten Biscuit she will be done in a few weeks or so.
I also have a hamster Red Eyes he was not happy with us at first but after giving him time and regularly talking to him, he's so cuddly with us now.

I have trained and looked after all my pets by myself. My Biscuit kitten was more feral than kitten at first, but I knew to leave her be and she'd come to me, and she did, and only me! I have since used the click method to train her and she is the most loving little ball of fluff now, she sleeps with me at night and loves cuddles with my daughter.
I have raised and re homes many kittens all of which are in loving caring homes, I am friends with their owners on other sites so I can be sire they are treated well and are happy, I do not re home unless it is agreed.

I currently rent privately my landlord doesn't mind me babysitting peoples pets. I will say I live in a house that has been split into flats I am on the bottom, it's suitable for me to care for others animals as long as owners are happy. For dogs there are fields across the road, along with woods, and what we call The Wreck I love taking dogs for a run, play catch and then they can cool off in the water if that's what they like of course.
There are also woods the other side of my home up the hill where I can take dogs for a good stroll.

I do not have reptiles BUT I do know hos to care for them I've always wanted bearded dragons, geckos etc and have research for many many years.

Any questions please feel free. I'm a huge animal lover if I had my own way I'd have a farm AND a zoo.

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Services offered Host family, full board
Home visit
Experience I already have a lot of experience
Animal sitter Dog, Cat, Bird, Rodent, Reptile, Fish
Spoken languages English (mother tongue)


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Laura, animal boarding in Pontardawe


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