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Kelly, dog walking - CF47 Merthyr tydfil

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Hi, I'm Kelly Hier and I live in the Merthyr Tydfil area.

Please no Spiders! or Snakes; Serious phobia of both

Every since I was a baby, I remember having Cats. Dusky and Chalky. Unfortunately, Chalky run away and we were left with Dusky who sadly passed when I was about 10. While having Dusky (Pure Black cat), we had 2 kittens from family members as their cat had kittens. Sonic and Tails (Yes, I named them after the Game Characters haha). Tails is a female and Sonic was a male. Also, Sonic run away! (Only down 2 houses and still comes back to visit!)
To this day we still have Tails, she has had a couple of litters in her time and her first litter were gorgeous. Still obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog, I named them all after the Game characters.

I kept a couple of kittens from different litters but one run away (to the same house Sonic did), and one sadly passed.

We not have another cat now, Dixie, she is a handful. Out of all the cats I have had, never have a seen such a crazy, hyper one.

Through out the time with having cats, I've also had loads of Fish, a couple of Hamsters, 3 Budgies and a Rabbit called Bunny (so Original).

My friend has 2 Staff Dogs who I often dog sit and take for walks and also my partner has a staff dog who I sometimes dog sit.

My one family member has a Yorkie Dog who is now diabetic and almost fully blind, I still rarely though, dog sit for her, but now because she's almost blind, she doesn't know who I am, so she does bark and go to bite me (not just me). It is horrible to see as I've dog sat her for years, when my family go abroad too.

I have always had a deep passion for animals and I love every type! If I could, I would have one of everything.

I hope you have liked what you have seen and would really enjoy working for you and helping you out with your animals.

Thank You.

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