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Dave, is looking for private tutor Italian in Rotherham for the 15 March 2019

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Seeking beginner italian tuition

Hi Lucia,

My name is David, me and my wife Nicola are keen to learn Italian, she has a sister that lives in Orvieto and we visited them recently, whilst travelling the region we realised it would be a good idea to learn the language so we are less reliant on her sister for help, and so we have some independence when we are travelling around.

Currently we don't know any Italian at all so both beginner level, we would like to have the lesson together, so we can practice Italian as much in our daily routines.

Although we've expressed a preference for home tutoring, if it is problematic, we are open to the idea of travelling to your venue.


Dave + Nicola.


Subject: Italian

Student level : Beginner

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