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Danielle, dog walking in Leeds

Hi there! I'm Danielle, and a massive animal lover! I have my own dog, she's called Ivy - she's my baby! I have experience caring for a number of different animals - dogs, cats, fish, horses, rodents, ducks and chickens! My favour...
Kirsty, dogsitter in Bargoed

Hello. My name is Kirsty and I am 20 years old. I personally enjoy being around puppies and dogs because I have been brought up with my family members having dogs and for years growing up I had a dog and loved taking care of him. I don...
Marie, home help in Peterborough PE1

Hi I'm Marie! I love helping people and am always here to to listen and talk.

the 23/04/17 : Weeding, edging, planting, mowing lawns etc

I am a very experienced artist from GCSE to A Level and have a place to study at Camberwell College of Art in September. I have done a lot of sport and dance throughout my childhood so can help about with progressing in most sports!

I am 14 years old I have a cat and I've had plenty of dogs and I've had other pets. I've been around people who have worked and trained with police dogs and I've been taught how to handle dogs correctly. I am a big animal lover and would...

Hello I'm Skye I've Just Moved To Eastbourne , I Lived With My Nan For 3 Years Till Recently , So I'm Use To Helping With The House Hold Chores , Always Done The Shopping And Paid Bills For Her As She Got ill So I'm Use To Helping Out , ...

Hello I'm Skye I Have Always Been A Big Pet Lover I've Always Grown Up With Animals , When I Was Younger We Had Over 12 Cats At One Point And Then We Had 4 Dogs At One Time , I Had A Dog Named Tyler He Is A Staff Cross Boxer , I Use To W...
Saiem, senior home help in Birmingham

I am a young professional, polite and friendly person who spends most of his time doing voluntary and charity work. I am great company and i love to laugh. I feel i woule be great use to anybody.
Amy, lessons languages in Glasgow

I am student about to graduate from The University of Glasgow. I will be a qualified secondary teacher of French and Spanish I have a degree in French from the University of Stirling. I have lived in France to complete my erasmus and ...
Sophie, dog walking - PR11 Preston

My name is Sophie and i am 16, turning 17 in 3 weeks. I absolutely love animals. I have 2 cats and a dog of my own. I have actually walked a few dogs of neighbors before and got paid £2.50 but i was only 13. I am very good at looking a...
Emma, dog walking in Brighouse

Hi I'm Emma, I'm absolutely animal mad! I have 3 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs and a cat and have previously fostered a guide dog puppy. My life practically revolves around my pets and I'd be more than willing to help out other people with thei...
Julia, senior home help in London

Hello, I am a 27 years old woman from switzerland. I live in London for nearly 3 years. At the moment i am based in Wapping Area with my little Boy. I am a professional Chef, at the moment a full time mum though. I would love to get a b...
Tyra, dog walking in London SW1X

I love animals and really love caring for them to make sure they are treated well while the owners are away or busy.
Radka, home help in Bradford BD8

im generally good with caring for others. I cared for mygrandma after having stroke
Saffron, host family for dog - NP20 Newport

I just love animals knowing there safe, loved, cared for, not hungry and getting enough walks!

Sarah-jayne, cleaner - ML2 Wishaw

Hi I'm Sarah Jayne. I'm a highly motivated and mature young person. I am confident and have my own house so I have personal experience with household tasks etc. I am confident with cleaning, cooking and any form of assistance. I'm enthus...

I love animals I owed a cat that unfortunately passed away and since I never owned another pet . But I love spending time with cats and dogs, I know how to behave according to each animals temper , I often spend time with friend's ani...

I am a secondary student studying for my GCSE's. I would more than happily encourage your kids to love maths and help them enjoy that subject as well as teach them in a flexible way as necessary for the child.If struggling in a certain a...

I am employed in a primary school but have been an animal lover all my life! I have had and bred Lunkarya guines pigs for many years now and have also had several pet rabbits, hamsters and mice over the years so cleaning out cages or hut...
Jade, dog walking - CM23 Bishop's stortford

Hello my name is Jade, I have just finished my last year in 6th form and am currently working for an animal grooming service in bishops stortford. I have had a little experience with caring for animals as I do have 2 guinea pigs of my ow...
Carolina, cleaner in Aberdeen

I am a trained health professional.
Carolina, home help in Aberdeen

I am a trained health professional. I have experience working with the elderly and children. I really enjoy being part of help for people.
Carolina, lessons languages - AB10 Aberdeen

I am a trained health professional and I used to work with and looking after children. I have experience of over 5 years working and looking after children. I have been tutoring children and adults in English and Spanish for over 2 y...
Alexandra, teacher  languages in Doncaster DN1

I also speak Romanian language very good! -my native language
Alexandra, cleaner in Doncaster

My name is Alexandra and I am close to 17 years old. I worked before as a babysitter/mother's help for a family with 2 children. I cooked, wash the dishes, cooked, take care of the garden, shopping etc. I'm a very organised person, very ...
Kait, senior home help in Aberdare

Hi! I'm Kait, I am 20 years old, I am from the Aberdare Area. I have experience in care, I have my Level 1 health and Social Care which I gained in college, I done work placement at a care home over the period of my course and absolute...
Blessing, house keeper in Aberdeen AB10

my name is odinaka and i am a Nigerian 28 years old, married. i am hardworking and i possess a can do attitude.
Blessing, senior home help - AB10 Aberdeen

my name is Odinaka . am 28 years old and i am a very patient person. i don't have any experience working with the elderly but i am a very fast learner
Yolanda, private lessons Spanish in Belfast east BT5

My name is Yolanda, I am from Mexico. I love everything about my culture and language. I will be glad to help if you need to improve your spanish skills. You can tell me if you need more grammar or more conversation practice.
Alice, private tutor tutoring / homework help - B97 Redditch

I am a qualified primary teacher and have been teaching in Key Stage One for three years. I am available to help EYFS, KS1 and KS2 children with all areas of the primary curriculum. This may be particularly useful in the run up to SATs a...
Alice, dog walking in Redditch

I am available evenings and weekends to visit pets at home, to feed pets or to walk dogs.
Harriet, senior home help in Milton keynes village

My name is Harriet, I am 25 years old and I am currently a Support Worker for adults with autism. I was a carer for 8months and absolutely loved it but stopped due to not having enough hours.
Harriet, dog walking in Milton keynes village

My name is Harriet and I am 25 years old. I had a dog for 13 years who sadly passed away 3years ago. Since then, whenever friends/family have gone on holiday, i have looked after their animals.
Yu-chen, teacher  maths in Leeds LS2

I am a qualified English Language teacher in Taiwan, having had 4 years of working experience at public schools and 5 years at private language institutes outside the school system. The students were from 7 to 18 years old. I am currentl...
Yu-chen, lessons languages - LS2 Leeds

I am a qualified English Language teacher in Taiwan, having had 4 years of working experience at public schools and 5 years at private language institutes outside the school system. The students were from 7 to 18 years old. I am curren...
Yu-chen, home help in Leeds

I am a qualified teacher in Taiwan, having had 4 years of working experience at public schools and 5 years at private language institutes outside the school system. The students were from 7 to 18 years old. I am very patient and cari...

hi i am Gabrielle i am currently a student at college i have experience with looking after my grand father who had memory loss and suffered from many strokes and also my grandpa who has MS

hi i am Gabrielle i am currently at college looking for part time work and have had many dogs for the last 17 years and have worked with lambing season as i have family up north who are farmers.