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I am a current University of Bath student studying Business Management. I love helping around the house doing tasks for home improvements and to keep tidy. I am well-trained in ironing, washing dishes, gardening, looking after plants...
Rosie, ironing in Bath

I am 16, I am bubbly, friendly and love to help in anyway possible. I do shopping for other people all the time, intact I shop for my family almost every week. I also have a lot of experience helping out around by doing things like i...
Jordan, housesitter in Bath BA1

Living away from home for over three years has taught me alot about maintaining a home for myself and keeping myself healthy. I love to cook at home and exercise. I am also very good at keeping and maintaining a clean environment and can...
Katalin, ironing in Bath

I am physically fit so I will have no problem walking, running and kneeling . I am an energetic person. I like playing with kids, I always smile. I love pets as well.

I am 19 years old. I have completed level 1 Health and Social Care in College. Since then I have worked in a Care Home for Eldelrly which I could not continue as I struggled with the heat. I have also worked for Avon, done Babysitting an...