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Kelsey, ironing - LU6 Studham

i help around the house alot so will be willing to help anyone that needs hep with daily chores i am a reliable person , i am trustworthy and i also have good time keeping
Bryony, cleaner - MK40 Bedford

I currently work in a residential setting and help out with the running of the house hold. This includes all household tasks and cooking. I have also worked in restaurants as a cleaner and so have lots of general cleaning experiences a...
Wesley, cleaning man - MK40 Bedford

I am a recent graduate who has just returned home and is now looking for some part-time work! With personal experience of helping at home in addition to living alone at university, i am able to provide services to pretty much all hous...
Lena, house keeper - MK42 Kempston

i have years of experience of housework looking after a home. Was a house keeper for several years for a lady which consisted of doing everything from cleaning, ironing, shopping & house sitting.
Larisa, house keeper in Bedford

I am a girl who is looking for a job. I worked in this branch before and I liked it. In my last few weeks I lived in France and I worked for a lady in her house. I was doing all the things in the house like cleaning the kitchen, the bath...
Jess, house keeper - LU6 Dunstable

I currently work as a cleaner for a company, I'm due to pass my driving test so I'm looking to see if anyone would be interested in home cleaning, I have references from house sitting to dog sitting and baby sitting. I'm 19 and willing t...
Patricia, ironing in Bedford MK40

I am not only a professional care giver but I have had a lot of experience of working within hotel environments in the past. I would be more than capable of being a housekeeper for an individual house. You would find me to be a hard-...
Natalie, house keeper - LU6 Dunstable

Hello, My name is Natalie and turning 17 in July. I have had personal experience with being a helping hand around the house and helping others. If you need any help with any services such as, household tasks, ironing and shopping...
Raluca, cleaner in Bedford MK40

My name is Raluca I'm 26 years old, I describe myself as a very optimistic and joyful person, sociable, easy to adapt, responsable and well organised. I gained my experience "working" everyday for myself. Hoping that my motivations are a...
Alexandra, cleaner in Dunstable LU6

A motivated, organised and confident biomedical sciences freshman. I have a flexibility program for work and good skills for caring houses; PC skills like Microsoft Office and Photoshop. I’m looking for a part time job in Dunstable/Luton.
Joseph, cleaning man in Bedford

Hi, my name is Joseph, I’m 19 and I’m from Australia, I can help with cooking, cleaning and every house things, I’m a fun young guy, who’s always open to trying new things and meeting new people, I have personal experience from living at...
Georgina, house keeper in Bedford MK40

Hi my name is Gina. I have lots of experience packing boxes in my previous employment. I love cooking and will clean and happy to help.

I am a 15 year old girl, I like to help other people with things they can't manage themselves, I have had experience with ironing in school, and at home. I like helping people clean. I am a clean living person. I can only help people par...

my name is Olivia and I am 16 years old. The services I'm willing to offer are; cooking, helping with the shopping, helping to move house, doing daily household chores, or looking after your house if you go away. I am a very friend...
Charlotte, cleaner - LU6 Dunstable

Hi my names charlotte I am from Dunstable, I am nearly 17 years old and I love to clean I'm currently trying to find a cleaning job but it is hard at the moment my expserience is doing cleaning at home and at friends houses, I think I ma...