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Tess, cleaner in Eastbourne BN21

My name is Tess, I am currently studying for a European Bachelor of Arts in International Hospitality Management, at Brighton University. Having been studying for the past 4 years, I do my best to finance my school fees through small jobs such as baby-sitting, animal care, help at home, cleaning, cooking and so on. I very much enjoy helping people with their everyday responsibilities and am available throughout the week, except for Mondays, during which I have class. Should you...
Daine, house keeper in Eastbourne BN21

I can be independent when working or doing tasks but equally I have good communication skills to work as a part of a group this is also because I have a bubbly/friendly/honest and worthy personality to get on with people well. I am able to complete tasks quickly but to a satisfactory standard and take pride in my work. I am flexible with my hours and days that I can work. Very professional when is come to my job.i have knowledge for cooking. I have exprerience as a house cleaner, care assis...
Alice, house keeper - BN21 Eastbourne

my name is Alice I am 15 years old in my final year at school I have had experiences house sitting before and also doing odd jobs. I would be up for gardening, cleaning, shopping and anything else you need. my main qualities are dependent, kind, organised so I hope you will consider choosing me I would be avalible during weekends and holidays
Anita, house keeper in Eastbourne BN21

My name is Anita and I'm 16 years old. I love to clean and help others. I'm always ready to help and I will alesys do my best in what I am doing. I am kind and I work well alone or with other people. I will always do my best to make people happy with what I am doing.
Fay, ironing in Eastbourne

I'm willing to be as helpful as I can be around the home.

Hello I'm Skye I've Just Moved To Eastbourne , I Lived With My Nan For 3 Years Till Recently , So I'm Use To Helping With The House Hold Chores , Always Done The Shopping And Paid Bills For Her As She Got ill So I'm Use To Helping Out , I Have Previous Experience As A Cleaner And I've Always Been A Tidy Person , I Do Like Gardening Too As My Dad Had A Gardening Business And I Always Helped Him So I Have A Little Experience , I'm Also Good With Technology So If You Need Any Help I Should Be Ab...

I can washing disheas, ironinc, vacuuming, cleaning the floor and do any kind of houseworks because i am a girl and i am use to keep my house clean and also cleaning the house everyday.
Samantha, cleaner in Eastbourne

When working as a nanny in Sydney, I also took on the role of a housekeeper for 20 hours per week. Tasks included vacuuming, light meal prep, cleaning, washing, folding etc. I pride myself on being a very clean and tidy person and do such jobs with great attention to detail.
Cristian, gardener - BN21 Eastbourne

Hi, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Spain. I'm a tidy, responsible and sociable guy I have been studied away home for 4 years, so I'm be able to do all houseworks like ironing, cleaning or vacuumming.

Hi my name is Shafia, you will find more information for my detailed presentation in the childcare section. Regarding these household tasks, I have plenty of personal experience and I am very good at sewing as I have my own sewing machine and make, fix clothes for many!
Shannen, house keeper in Eastbourne

My name is Shannen I can do all sorts of daily household tasks as I do at home. I help out a lot around the house and always try and keep things clean and tidy at home. I do laundry, washing up, ironing, vacuuming, dusting. My main qualities are that I always ensure I achieve the cleanliness I expect in my own house. I always make sure that it's to a high standard.