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Kirsty, cleaner in Hereford

I am currently a home care worker, so I have a lot of experience in other people's homes. I currently work assisting elderly and disabled people with daily tasks. This includes a lot of household jobs, or day to day shopping tasks. I am ...
Jasmine, cleaner in Bromsgrove

I'm 17 years old from Bromsgrove. I would be willing to help out with a large range of services.
Alice, cleaner in Redditch

Hi, my name is Alice and I am 24 years old. Whilst doing my A Levels I worked as a household cleaner, offering services such as hoovering, dishwashing, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens and general tidying.
Charlotte, cleaner - DY10 Kidderminster

Hi my name! e is Charlotte. I have plenty of live experience in cleaning household and do chorus such as washing and ironing.
Chloe, cleaner in Mustow green DY10

I'm a very friendly person, very tidy, like to be organised and have all my stuff done and ready for when I need it. I like to cook, I help around the house with cleaning or if any painting or decorating needs doing then I help out with ...
Shauna, cleaner in Kidderminster DY10

Hello, My name is Shauna, I will help out with the strange duty's that you need, help with cleaning if you cant quite get to those places, help with elderly people and cooking. I don't have much experience other helping family members, ...
Sarah-louise, ironing in Hereford HR1

Hello my name is sarah-louise . I am 20 years old I am fully flexible I love helping people and putting them before me. As i love helping people i use to help my parents do there shopping, and i use to always do then dirty laundry...
Agata, ironing in Redditch B97

Hi, My name is Agata. I really like cleaning, cooking and doing shopping. If I've got any stress I always start cleaning or cooking and after it im feeling like new born. :) Cooking is my passion, so i can do a lots of meals for you. I l...
Jennifer, ironing - HR6 Leominster

Hello, I'm Jennifer. I have many years experience working as a catering assistant and cleaner for the local council (Since 2009). I also own my own home which I clean and maintain. I offer many cleaning and household tasks. Please ...
Ana, housesitter in Abbey dore

Hi, I am eighteen year old, I have full Uk driving license. I am a neat and tidy person who is always willing to help with any task.
Hannah, house keeper - HR2 Grafton

I consider myself to be quite the perfectionist, I enjoy tidying and organising pretty much anything - I am available to help out wherever and however needed.
Georgeta, house keeper in Sinton green

• Cleaning of offices & furniture by hoovering, dusting and polishing. Taking away clothes and cloth material for dry cleaning. • Training new employees in cleaning procedures. • Ensuring the hallway, stairs and windows are cleaned to ...
Darya, ironing in Malvern link

I'm Darya and I'm a university student at Nottingham Trent studying product design. I'm a very versatile worker and can do anything around the house. DIY is my forte and I enjoy fixing and building things around the house. I am a friendl...
Sophie, housesitter in Worcester

My name is sophie I have a little boy 3 months old looking to provide for him in a better way and looking for a better future for myself instead of not having enough to have good family days out. I've got a two bedroom house so have to ...
Emily, house keeper - B97 Redditch

Hello my name is Emily. I like to help out round the house for example; vacuum, Polish, wash up, put washing in, hang washing out etc.. I also like gardening, I will mow your lawn, cut your plants back, water your plants etc.. My ma...