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Inès, ironing - LE5 Stoneygate

Bonjour ! I am a 19 year old French girl who recently arrived in Leicester with my family. I am looking for a job and this is the most accessible, knowing that I don't speak English well. (I have classes.) As far as experience is concerned, I don't have many, except for the maintenance of my house, and the fact that I was hired to clean an apartment two or three times after I arrived in England. I can be a little shy and clumsy, but I just want to learn! And I hope that the language b...
Chloe, cleaner in Leicester LE1

Hello, my name is Chloe and I am a first year student at De Montfort University studying Psychology with Criminology. I find that I really do enjoy helping my own mum out around the house and since coming to university and living on my own, I've found I really do rather enjoy cleaning and would like to help others who struggle in this area or who simply do not have the time. I am a very positive person and will keep up my spirits through the entire time I am helping you! Thank you for takin...
Agnieszka, cleaner in Leicester

My name is Agnieszka I am polish national, who has recently relocated to England to live with my Irish partner. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated professional with extensive experience across various areas of customer services. The most enjoyable part of my previous experience, has always been working with people who need support or help under different circumstances. As an Au Pair I enjoyed looking after 2 children ( 7 year old girl and 10 year old boy), which led me to understand how ...
Celia, cleaner - LE1 Leicester

Hello My name is Celia I come from Portugal. I can do all services because I do at my house and my mother house. I love to clean, cook, iron.
Klaudia, cleaner in Leicester LE1

Hi, I am looking for part time jobs in this industry. I am available at any time during the day. I have a life experience with household tasks which include: Cleaning & washing, ironing , Cooking, and many more. I spend my whole day doing this things at home while waiting for my children and husband to arrive so I would not have a problem helping you with your household. My main qualities are my speedness and dexterity which I gained from my daily cleaning.
Cristóbal, cleaning man in Leicester

My name is Cristóbal and I am 26 years old, I have studied bussiness administration and management at University of Murcia and I am from Spain. I have taken care of seniors for 2 years. Regarding to the housework, I have done house chores since I was a child. I really like doing tasks quickly and well. Working is absolutely important for me. I would really appreciate the opportunity of showing you my know-how, perserverance and interesting in everything that I do. I am looking for your resp...
Ollie, cleaning man - LE1 Leicester

I am Ollie and I am a college student willing to give up my free time in order to assist you in everyday tasks whether it be the day to day running of the house to help with moving home. I have experience in helping family in areas such as these. I am a hardworking individual and will ensure all tasks are completed to a high standard and to your satisfaction.
Hollie, house keeper in Wigston

Willing to help out around the house where needed. Very keen cook!
Ines, ironing in Leicester

My home is always clean! I confesse, I'm a little obsessed with cleaning. I like cook too!
Anna, cleaner in Leicester LE1

In my current job I am responsible for houseworks including general cleaning once a week and cooking for kids and occasionally the whole family. I've been cooking my own meals since I was 14 and I love to do it! I was also helping around the house a lot due to my parents' busy jobs.

My name is Sajeda and I can do all sorts of housework and garden work. I can work everyday including weekends. I have a lot of experience in working with previous places, having positive feedback. from them I am very realible and I can finish tasks on time and sometimes earlier. I am a bubbly person that loves to help around the house as well as communicating with people in the house, getting to know them too. I am a trustworthy person and I can also look after children and elderly people.
Gherghel, house keeper in Leicester LE1

I am 41 years old, I am from Romania and I have got 2 daughters. I worked 12 years in a big textile factory in Romania. I don't speak english, but I understand some words. I am very good in cooking and in cleaning. I worked here in UK in different houses for different people.

I'm very good at household chores and know a lot about technology

Hi I'm Judith I'm 19 years old born in Ghana but I leave for almost 10 years in italy

I am willing to do everything they tell me what to do

hi , i am sidra , i am 30 year old , i love to do all the house holding ... i am so loving and caring .... you will definitely love my work Bye

Hi this is Adriana. I am from Romania and I've been in the UK for 1 year and a half. I do have experience in cleaning, ironing, gardening , cooking etc. I hope to hear soon about you.