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Sara, cleaner in Portsmouth PO5

Hello, I am Sara! I am currently studying in Portsmouth and I am willing to offer my services to help those who need them. I am a very helpful and kind person who likes to stay active.
Michaela, ironing in Portsmouth

I love ironing..:) References available upon request..:)
Shannon, ironing in Portsmouth PO5

I am available for hour sitting, general chores and cleaning. I also have a babysitting account and a pet care account and would be happy to combine them for a minimal added cost per hour. Despite having no professional experience in household work, I have years of experience in food preparation and retail settings providing a clean and safe service for customers and can utilise this experience. I am confident and hardworking, able to assist with any general chores or house sit if you are away.
Stephanie, ironing in Portsmouth PO5

My name is Stephanie . I am a student at the University of Portsmouth who is currently studying Psychology and I am looking to earn some money to live on. I offer a range of services which mainly include cleaning, ironing and other household chores. I can also housesit. However, please feel free to get in touch and ask if you require me to fulfil a task that isn't listed. Please note that I am very happy to provide food prep and although I can cook to a good standard I would prefer not to...

my name is Maryam Mohammed , I am 16 going on 17 in January, I am a Muslim, I am from Nigeria. I am currently studying a science foundation in the university of Nottingham but I will be in Portsmouth with my sister for the break. I can help with, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and also watching the kids.
Alice, cleaner - PO5 Portsmouth

Hello my name is Alice I'm 19, I'm very reliable and friendly. I like to help others and bring a smile to people's faces.
Emma, house keeper in Portsmouth PO5

I am an honest and reliable 23 year old living in the Portsmouth area. I am looking for full and part time work fulfilling household duties. I am willing to turn my hand to any household duties however I am an excellent cook and would be able to make meals confidently for adults and families.
Egle, cleaner in Portsmouth

Dear parents, Hello, My name is Egle. I'm 25 years. I would be happy to help you in your house. I have practice because 1 years I was worked au-pair in Germany and i helped family with cooking, ironing, gardening and so on. Also one time in London i helped one women to move from one house to another house.
Chloe, house keeper in Portsmouth

I am offering help in helping with the food shop, cooking and preparing meals, general daily household cleaning, looking after pets. I live in a flat with my mum and I help out daily with the household chores and make the evening meal.
Molly, cleaner in Portsmouth PO5

Hello, my name is Molly, and i am 17 years old, i currently go to college at Portsmouth College - Full time. In the past i have always helped my family around the house when it comes to cooking, cleaning, to moving houses. I am willing to try anything, and i am always very flexible. I look forward to hearing from you!
Raquel, house keeper in Portsmouth

Hola mi nombre es Raquel. Soy una chica de 19 años, paciente y educada. Con muchas ganas de trabajar y ayudar en lo que sea. Estoy estudiando en la universidad por lo que solo podría trabajar durante las vacaciones.

Hello. I am first year student at the University of Portsmouth. Looking for part-time work and available afternoons, evenings, weekends. A birth of my 2 litte brothers helped me to gain a lot experience. They are now 7 and 6 years old. As i come from monoparental family my duty was to help daily with babysitting and household. My younger brother has special need (autism) which taught me to manage hectic and unpredictable situations. In case of any difficulties I am able to keep my head c...
Manuela, cleaner in Portsmouth PO5

Hi!! I have plenty of time during my weeks. I would love to help you. Feel free to contact me :) Manu.
Quang, cleaning man in Portsmouth PO5

Willing to do anything and able to do the heavy lifting job
Sherry, house keeper in Portsmouth

I have been helping around the house all my life. I have taught myself to cook and can prepare a meal from scratch. I am also Eastern European and can cook dishes you haven't even heard of! Also I have previous experience from working at Air BnB (you can look it up online, it has its own website). My role was cleaning the house to a highest standard. I can offer up to anything to help around the house. I am studying at Portsmouth College currently which means I will only be able to work part...

I am Chloe ans looking for a job preferably before I go back to college. I have been cooking since I was 11 an can clean , cook, and do the normal household chores . I would love to have more experience for later in life .

Happy to help with kids too