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Lauren, cleaner in Dawley

I am 20 year old lady with a fit and healthy body. I am able to help with anything possible, I really enjoy putting things together, fixing things, cleaning, mowing the gardens and even washing, drying, ironing and putting away clothes. I can offer anyone all of these services or just certain ones that needs it. I am a very fast worker but make sure what I do is done right and to my expectations. I have worked in hotels such as the Hilton Hotel and worked for a cleaning company to clean house...

my name is Jessica, i am 26 years old. I am a very trust worthy person, very loyal to my customers... i am always looking for new jobs and things to do to help people out, I can cook, clean, iron, do the shopping, basically anything.
Dominic, ironing in Leegomery TF1

I am a young smart man who would be delighted to rovide help wherever it is needed

Hi. I am ruth and a health and social care student. i am a hard working person who likes to work every single day. i like to help people with their house choices and anything i could do to help. I am very friendly and i smile a lot. I have what it takes to do help do house choice because i do that everyday in my house and i really know how to clean.
Jade, cleaner - TF8 Ironbridge

I can do the washing up, wash and dry clothes, iron, mopping up, hoovering and any other household chore you’d like me to do. I can house sit and have dont that for a number of people in my family.
Jade, ironing in Lawley

Currently help while dog sitting. Ironing etc Painting sheds at a yard. Can also help with planning of parties

Full time mother trying to earn extra cash to feed family while helping others capable of doing most things willing to learn new things too. Won't say no to most

Hey, I'm Chloe. I still quite young but I'm very mature, responsible and trustworthy. I can offer the services of house sitting, help with the shopping and household tasks. I am still in school so after school, weekends and holiday breaks are most fitted to me. As I'm still in school I live with my parents but because they work in the holidays I am eager to help around the house.
Sally, ironing in Wellington

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