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Bethany, cleaner in Wisbech

I can help with many household tasks such as cleaning, cooking, etc. I often help around the house with such tasks, and am willing to learn.
Aroa, housesitter - PE1 Peterborough

Soy una persona trabajadora, responsable y paciente. Busco trabajo para planchar, ayudar con la compra o vigilar la casa. He trabajado en una empresa de limpieza y experiencia personal en mi propia casa, con el planchado y el cuidado...
Rebecca, cleaner in Peterborough

Hi I'm Rebecca and I'm 16. Currently I am looking to make a small income which would help provide with enough money for the things I need and to give money to my dad for housing me. I must admit, like a normal typical teenager I don't...
Kayleigh, cleaner in Peterborough

Hi I'm Kayleigh 23 live In my own home with my fiancé and our pets happy outgoing person always looking out for others and putting them before myself very happy to help. I have completed a variety of housekeeping tasks Past and present ...
Maria, ironing - PE1 Peterborough

i can do everything in the house from cleaning the house shoping cooking.i can cook almost everything if i have the receipt and if the family wants something from their country i can try to make it is not a problem i can learn.i know how...
Joana, house keeper in Peterborough PE1

hello! my name is Joana I am 17. I was born in Portugal in 18th of October in 2000. I am half African and Spanish. My mom was born in Angola and my father in Spain. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters. The youngest ones have 7 and 10 ye...
Matilde, ironing in Fulbourn

My name is Matilde and I'm from Portugal. I am currently studying Film Studies in ARU, hoping to become a screenwriter! I am willing to help in any home services as mentioned above and I have tons of personal experience, as my house i...
Laura, house keeper - PE1 Peterborough

I have a number of years experience in house keeping. In my current position I help with all of the laundry, vacuuming, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, general tidying. I also love to cook so am happy to cook a meal from scratch or ju...
Chantelle, cleaner - PE16 Chatteris

My name is Chantelle and I am 18 Years old. I can offer a number of services such as the following: - Ironing -Cleaning -House sitting -Moving house -Washing -General day to day household jobs I have many years experience o...
Ariane, cleaner in Cambridge

Hello, I am ariane and I am from Spain. I am looking for a job to pay me English Academy. I am a very hardworking, responsible, organized and punctual person. I hope you give me the opportunity to work with you to improve my Englis...
Barbara, cleaner in Wisbech PE13

I live separately from my parents for years, so all I had to solve. I like to cook, clean, I love nature, I love to garden.
Bethany, cleaner - PE1 Peterborough

My name is Bethany, I love helping around the house. I love cleaning, it gives me something to do. I'm 15 years old and have had experiences from doing my own chores at home. I clean and wash up after myself. I always have to have a real...

My name is Beata. I have been living in Cambridge for a few months now. I have long, both personal and work, experience in cleaning, cooking, gardening, and helping in the house. I am very precise, hard-working, and I am always doing my ...
Patrycja, house keeper - PE6 Glinton

Hi everyone I can help you at home, I am running a flat since few years, I am cooking as well and do gardening (I own a huge garden plot which I designed with my mum and take care of it) I know well how to clean, main housing tasks were ...
Constantina Cornelia, house keeper in Cambridge

i work in italy like cleaner and in the sime time as shef for private house