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Yu-chen, ironing in Leeds LS4

1. Secondary English teacher in Taiwan - 8 years 2. SEN teaching assistant (primary school) - 1 year 3. Nursery Nurse - 1 year
Abigail, cleaner in Leeds

I'm a 25-year-old housekeeper/cleaner based in Leeds. I have some experience cleaning my own house and the woman whose children I look after. I am happy to do most jobs and have great patience and attention to detail.
Demi, ironing in Bradford

I help around at my own house, and I clean, cook and just help around and iv helped around at my family house as well, I can do anything your really ask for and what I have selected I just can't do diy really, and my main quality is cook...
Prachi, housesitter in Huddersfield

I'm to help.. Also I'm looking for a part time.. So it might help me..
Leah, house keeper in Bradford

My name is Leah and I am looking for part time or full time work, I offer household cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, help with moving house and gardening. I am a trustworthy person and I am kind hearted, if you have any pets or childr...
Olivia, moving help in Leeds LS6

Hello, I am Olivia. I live in Leeds. I can help you with shopping and I can take care of your house if you are on holiday. I have personal experience in taking care of my home. If you need my help please contact me. I look forward...
Eman, ironing in Leeds

I'm a mother for two kids and try to earn money to support my family. I like to have new experience
Shelly, housesitter in Leeds

Very happy to visit homes in Leeds, particularly East Leeds area whilst you are on holiday. Rely on me to go collect your post, shut your curtains every night and turn lights on/off. I will also feed you cats/fish if you like and put...
Katarzyna, cleaner in Leeds

Hello, I'm Kasia, I live in Leeds and I'm looking for an extra job to save some money. I am happy to help you with cooking, housekeeping, shopping, childcare or even look after your house while you're away. I've been helping my family ar...
Brooke, cleaner - BD8 Bradford

Hi me and my cousin are just looking for extra jobs for extra money and stuff for after collage times to help with our education and some money for ourself instead of relying on our mum's. Also me and my mum n step dad is good painters a...
Alba, cleaner in Leeds

I'm a Spanish girl. I don't know very much English, but I would love to improve it. My experience is based in my own home.

Hiyah I am Ajhana and I am 16 years old. I have just finished my GCSE’s and I would be willing to be involved in proving services such as sweeping, mopping, polishing l, dusting, hoovering, watering the plants and cooking meals. The e...
Jess, cleaner in Leeds LS6

Any house hold duties from cleaning to gardening and cooking I am more than happy to complete if needed
Daro, cleaner in Huddersfield HD2

I am from Italy I am twenty and I am looking or a job like cleaning or housekeeper or babysitting... I can do all the work from home

I have worked as a home care assistant. A detailed list of my experience has already been provided in the baby sitting section.