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Bath Avon, major cities:

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Samantha, teacher  languages in Woolley

Hello, my name is Samantha . I live in France and I am bilingual English/French. I am 18. I Got an A in my french A levels and an A in my English IGCSE. I have helped many friends in the years below me with there french and english.

I can speak and write in both English and French perfectly as they are both my mother tongues and I have taken classes in both languages throughout my primary and secondary school years. I would be happy to teach your children any of the...
Natalie, teacher  German in Bath BA1

Hello I'm Natalie and 18 years old. One month ago i started working as an aupair in Bath. My hometown is Munich so i can speak German fluently. It would be nice to teach your children german :) If you have any questions you're welcom...