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Hereford and Worcester, language lessons, French, German, Spanish and more.

Hereford and Worcester, major cities:

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Mathilde, private lessons languages in Hereford HR1

I'm a French girl passionate about the childcare. I'm doing a gap year : I was for 2 months in India in a NGO as a project manager for educational and recreational programs for poor children, now I'm for 6 months in an Indian family in H...
Andrea, lessons Spanish - HR1 Hereford

I am Andrea , spanish teacher living in Hereford. I have experience as a MFL teacher because in my last job in a school, there were pupils from another country and all the team had to teach them. I did not know how I much liked teach an...
Melanie, teacher  languages in Burghill HR4

Language tutoring available for children and adults. Registered teacher experienced in building confidence and improving interest in learning. Home schooling courses offered for groups of children: average price £80 p/child for 10 we...
Alice, private tutor languages - HR4 King's pyon

I have a GCSE second language grade in Welsh and so can teach this to the early ages groups, including counting, colours and songs. I have an A-Level in German, so I could support GCSE German and A-Level German students.
Oli, private lessons languages - WR2 Sinton green

Hi, my name is Oli and I'm 17 years old. I have studied French in high school so I could happily help if needed and English is my first language. I've also always been really good at maths and actually I really like maths so I can always...
Edyta, lessons English - HR8 Ledbury

I am a professional English teacher with 2 years of experience of working with primary school children in Poland. I can also offer Polish lessons
Fallon, teacher  languages in Bromsgrove

Hi I’m Fallon and I have done 10 years completing each language I am very confident in English and achieved a high gcse grade I am also fairly fluent in French. I am from bromsgrove and I would love to help you
Cc, private tutor Russian - HR1 Lugwardine

I am fluent in Russian and can teach well in group or individually