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Carla, private tutor languages - M60 Manchester

I am an Italian girl who in 2016 gave English classes to a group of adults. The aim was to make them feel comfortable in certain/daily situations, such as asking for help in a foreign country, at the airport, with taxi driver etc. One group was lower intermediate so the lessons were aimed to help them understand and improve their grammar knowledge. Another group was upper intermediate, it was interesting and engaging talking with them about current topics. I also taught the basics to one w...
Ibtissam, private tutor languages in Manchester M1

Hello ! I'm a french girl of 21 years old, i live in Chorlton, and i would love to teach my mother tongue to some people who like french. So if you need anything you can pass me a call or email me and we will see how to do. I'm also fluent in English so i think that can help ;) I can also teach, some history of France, or Art as well. I work on movies and history of music and art so i can teach some other things. I hope that some of you will need me! Sincerely, Ibtissam .
Andrea, teacher  Spanish in Manchester

i teach soanish playing or taking care the children, reading them or drawing
Christine, teacher  languages - M14 Manchester

Hi I'm Christine, I moved here from Germany in 2014 and I'm studying French and Business at the University of Manchester. I have done the odd tutoring job so I know that it is really important to keep especially difficult languages interesting.
Martina, teacher  languages in Manchester

My name is Martina, I am a 20 years old Italian girl, currenty studying Politics and international Relations at University of Manchester. I've graduated from High School in Italy with 90/100, I've studied Humanities such as Ancient Greek and latin, Philosophy, Italian literature, English Literature and other subjects (maths, physics, Hisotry, Geography...) but I am perfectly able to help you in whatever you need. Italian is my mother tongue, so I will be able to teach you Italian if you need...
Ruxandra, lessons languages in Manchester

Student-focused English tutor with more than 5 years’ experience in helping traditional students develop stronger Language Arts skills and foreign language students develop English/Romanian/Spanish language reading, writing, and speaking skills. Highly skilled in instructional technology, and differentiated learning techniques to help students comprehend and retain lecture objectives. Dedicated to enriching students’ lives through group and one-on-one tutoring, coaching, and mentoring.
Belen, private tutor languages in Manchester

I am spanish girl living in Manchester for almost 3 years. I am teacher with experienced both in school and at home lessons.
Jenny, private tutor languages in Manchester M14

Hello Everyone, I am Jennifer and I am 16 years old. I lived and went to school till year 10 then I relocated to Germany. English is my mother tongue. I can teach German since I am from Germany. I can also teach French because I learnt it in school for 2 years. I had a tutoring student in Germay so I can teach.
Maria Del Mar, private tutor Spanish in Manchester M60

PERSONAL PROFILE Dynamic, highly motivated worker. I defend my work suitablely. I am friendly to my workmates. I am able to learn quickly my assignment and I am always available, cheerful and possessing good observation skills as well as the ability to work alone or as part of a team. I am always ready to support others by working additional hours as this shows my commitment to the team in this job.
Alessia, private lessons languages in Manchester

Hi! I am an erasmus student from Italy and I'm here in Manchester for studying modern languages. Italian is mg mother tongue but I can speak also french and english. Hope to give you a hand improving these languages!

I am an overseas teacher from Spain with a Master in Spanish as a Foreign Language. I was teaching in Spain the last year in order to change my profesional career. Actually I have been a journalist for 22 years. As I was working for longer in the same placement I decided to take the challenge to go into teaching. I can help pupils in both Secondary and Primary education. I am sure that their Spanish will be improved quickly as I am a native speaker who knows a lot of grammar as well. Than...
Raluca, teacher  languages - M14 Manchester

I am a qualified English and French teacher. At the moment I am doing an intermediary level spanish course at instituto cervantes in Manchester