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Music lessons in Dundee: guitar, piano, singing, etc.

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Emma, lessons music in Dundee DD1

I have played the flute since the age of 8 and have completed my Grade 8 a number of years ago. In 2014 I moved to Dundee (from Northern Ireland) to study nursing and left my flute at home so that my sister could learn. Over the last couple of months ago I decided after a lot of consideration to purchase my own flute. I have to be honest I have never taught the flute before but I am really keen to try as it is only in the most recent years that I have grown to really appreciate the skill that...
Letizia, teacher  music in Dundee DD1

I can teach French, Spanish and Italian at all levels
Ainoa, private tutor music in Dundee DD1

Hi I am Ainoa, i have learnt for 20 year at Musical School in Spain. I play the flute very well, the piano and the drums.