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Alle-ha, dog walking in Bridgend

My name is Alle-Ha and I'm 17 years old. I have two cats named Kitty and Sable and two dogs named Purdy and Fran. In the past I have owned budgies and goldfish. I love animals and therefore would love to be able to help take care of pets. I have had experience pet-sitting as well as babysitting and house-sitting.
Cassidy, dog walking in Bridgend

I have a dog and two rabbits and previously had cats and fish in the past. Whilst you are away I will be able to care for them and feed them, walk them - anything that's necessary.
Ellie, dogsitter in Betws CF32

Hi. I'm Ellie, I'm 16 years of age and have an enormous passion for animals. I personally, do not have pets any longer, hence posting this ad to bring me back the privilege. I used to have a German Sheppard, Rocky, which I had for many years however had to sell when my little sister was born, as Rocky was a very large dog and my sister was born very small. I love animals of all shapes and sizes, and honestly am more than prepared to look after any pets you have without hesitation. As for dogs...
Lilli, dog walking in Pen-y-fai CF31

I'm lilli, 14 years old. I have had many pets in the pasts from turtles, tortoise, dogs, hamsters and rabbits. I'm very happy to walk the dogs in the nights every night except on a Saturday as I work. I now have 2 dogs and i love to walk them and if your dog needs company I'm happy to walk more than 1 dog. I can look care and provide for your pets and make sure they are happy and are never bored !!!
Katie, dog walking in Bridgend

Me and my family has and had a variety of animals these are things like monkeys, fish, water dragons, chameleons, dogs and a cat. This means that i have had many experience looking after animals
Chloe, dog walking in Bridgend

Hello, my name is Chloe and I am 13 years old, I love animals ❤️ I am very gentile and would be the perfect pet sitter, And I am good at looking after them. I have had a lot of experience with dogs, fish and some others, I can walk, feed an clean your pets 👍 I hope you like my application and I am looking forward to your feedback x
Casey-leigh, dog walking in Bridgend CF31

My name is Casey-Leigh , I am an 17 year old female. I am currently studying level one vehicle maintenance and repair at Bridgend college. As my course is coming to an end I would like to spend my time doing something that I enjoy. I have two dogs one a pugiler (pug cross caviler) called Pheobie May and a Labrador called Oliver, also a domestic cat Chico. I have had experience with other animals such as reptiles as horses as I had my own.
Morgan, dog walking in Pen-y-fai CF31

My name is Morgan and im 14 years old. I currently walk a dog around penyfai every week. Because of where i live, my services are only avaliable for people living in the penyfai area. Im very good with dogs as i have 2 of my own. A yorkshire terrier named poppy and a jack russel named lacey. Im well trusted and supply my own waste bags. Avaliable after 4 on weekdays and all day weekends.
Bethan, dog walking - CF31 Bridgend

I am a recent Secondary School leaver. I own 4 cats of my own and am a very keen animal lover, I would be willing to come to your home and feed your beloved pets and ensure they are happy and well, If require I could also take pets for walks and groom them. I am available at all times within 2 hours of notice. I have no professional experience with animals, but I have been surrounded by them my whole life and know how to treat them. I hope you consider me. Regards, Bethan

Hi, I'm Beth, I'm 22 and a current house cat owner. I own a 2 year old female tuxedo cat named Dysis, she's shy but can't get enough strokes ever. I love animals, as much as they can be annoying when they want, because of how they show affection. I'm not fast or particularly strong but can work with larger animals without too much difficulty, though I am also short and so larger boisterous dogs pose a challenge. Happy to keep to any and all diet regulations. I have an 'alternative' style whic...
Shania, dog walking in Blaengarw CF32

My name is Shania . I have owned a few animals with in my life. I currently own a golden Labrador called Luna she is 2 years old and I have fully trained her. I also had a golden Labrador called Sandy who passed away 3 years ago. I have goldfish and I also own 6 cats.
Rachel, dog walking - CF31 Bridgend

I have a level 2 in animal care BTEC. I love animals and looking after them.
Demi, dog walking - CF31 Bridgend

Hi my names Demi and I love animals! If love to be able to work around them. Especially animals who have their own little personalities. My family have always had pets so I'm use to them and have been brought up alongside dogs. At the moment I work in a customer basic job which isn't for me. I feel I need more of a rewarding job and something I'd look forward to every day. I'm hardworking, outgoing, fun to be around. I am energetic and am very flexible with hours of work.
Miguel, dog walking in Tondu

love taking care of animals and need extra money
Tyla, dog walking in Bridgend

I am an enthusiastic young women from Zimbabwe. I am a loving caring reliable person. I have had animals my whole life from fish, rabbits, guinea-pigs, snakes, bird, cats and dogs. We have large gardens in Zimbabwe to accommodate the animals. As a young girl I always dreamed of being a veterinary. I always walk my dogs, groom my cats and talk to my bird. I find reptiles a very fascinating species. I have had experience in working in a veterinary surgery cleaning, feeding walking and gro...
Shona, dog walking in Bridgend CF31

I love animals! I have always grown up with animals and consider as them a part of the family, I think they deserve love and care as much as a child! :)

Hello my name is Chloe and I love in Bridgend. I hold a a full driving licence. I've done volunteer work at stables / trekking centres and dogs trust. So although not professional I've had experience. My own personal experience are my own animals currently owning a horse , 2 dogs and a cat. In the past had a variety of animals ranging from cats , dogs , rodents and reptiles. I'm happy to help in anyway I can I am a kind and reliable person.
Olimpia, dog walking in Bridgend

I am a good girl I like the animals

I'm Deborah, I'm 41 and live in litchard bridgend
Karen, dog walking - CF31 Bridgend

hi my name is karen i was working in dog trust now i am a volunteer there l exercising all types of dogs some days i take them for long walks , i have 3 dogs and l love them to bits.

I'm Zoe and I'm looking for school holiday and after school work. I am 14 and I have a love for pets. I no longer have any pets of my own and so I want to help walk or look after other people's furry friends. I cannot look after pets in my house so I can only do walking.

Hi my name is jessy I currently have two cats and two dogs had animals all my life

Hello, I'm Annalise . I have a lot of experience with animals, as I've grown up around them- reptiles, birds, rodents and general house pets. I can look after anything that I can keep in my room, for example, rodents, reptiles and birds - must come with cages!