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Amanda, animal boarding in Irvine

Hi I am Amanda and I am 42 years old. I have many years practical experience of looking after all types of animals professionally and as my own pets. I have professional animal qualifications and I have studied reptiles at Barony College. I can look after smaller animals at home including dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and gerbils. I can also look after small reptiles (housed in a different area of course) and birds. I have had all of these as pets myself and looked after the...
Samantha, dog walking in Kilwinning KA13

Hello my name is Samantha! I'm a 24 year old from Kilwinning and also have my very own dog which is a Husky Cross called Zeta. She's quite the little madame! haha She's also 5 years old. I've always loved animals, ever since I was a little girl. I am a huge support of animal rights and believe that they deserve a lot of respect. If there's anything at all you'd like to ask please don't hesitate! Thank You.
Emma, dog walking in Irvine KA12

Hi, My names Emma and a animal lover and a personal petsitter for your animals! I have a dog called Cassie. She is a border collie who is 3 years old, and ive had her since she was 9 weeks. I also look after my partners brothers 2 dogs which are a yorkshire terrier and a skye terrier. Although I dont drive, I would still come to the house to petsit your pet and play with them, interact with them. Even go out in the garden and play with them aswell as take them long walks. My...
Natasha, dogsitter - KA24 Dalry

I am a very responsible, bubbly character. I have a strong love for animals and would be perfect for this job. I have had pets before like, a dog, fish and hamster and also looked after family & friends animals. I am 17 years old and currently attending my 6th year in St.Matthews Academy. My house is and animal friend zone and would be a great place to have animals. I have a big and secure back garden for animals to rome. This is one of my dream jobs as I do have a love for lots of animals!
Louise, dog walking in West kilbride KA23

I have owned animals all my life, especially horses, dogs, cats and fish. I have lots of animal qualifications and have worked in an animal centre with lots of different types, the only one I don't tend to look after is snakes. I have an HNC in animal care credit level. I have worked in some horse yards and in some kennels. I am a very fit and healthy individual with my own transport, I love animals and I am very honest, caring and loyal.
Laura, animal boarding in Irvine KA12

I have had 3 dogs and cat myself I love animals and I have the experience of caring for my own animals showing them lots of love care and attention I would love too look after your dog or cat so please contact me!

I have volunteered in a vet practice for 2 years and am currently waiting to hear back from colleges for veterinary nursing. I love animals and have plenty of my own, I am very interested in a position like this as I feel as though I would excel greatly doing so. I worked in the vet practice cleaning up after animals, helping the vets and vet nurses doing some tasks like injections, medications and tests. I also stood in on consultations and observed operations. The practice was kept in great...
Kristina, dog walking in Irvine

I have pets of my own and I also take care of my friends pets at times, I have a horse I take care of as well and I'd love to take care of more friendly pets.
Eva, dog walking - KA13 Kilwinning

I like to walk dogs and play with them and pet cats

I have two dogs of my own and I watch my friends dog. I live going walks and playing around. I can take your dogs walks after school and night time. Also on weekends too.

I am a 55 year old lady looking for something different to do with my life which could get me some exercise, and I have always been an animal lover.

I love animals and have had a lot of experiences walking dogs as I used to take family dogs out a lot and give them food when my family members were away on holiday etc