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Asmara, dogsitter in Bath BA1

Dear Sir/Madam. I am 18 years old and have had many pets in this time. They include: 3 parrots, tarantula, hermit crabs, 1 cat, 3 frogs, insects, giant African snails, fish, 2 dogs, snake, 2 bearded dragons, pigs. I am happy to help with...
Ciara, dog walking in Woolley BA1

I'm a 20 year old student studying Commercial Music at Bath Spa. I've always grown up with cats and love them to bits. I also love dogs, although I've never been lucky enough to have one of my own. I'd be happy to help look after/ care f...
Jodie, dog walking in Bath

Hello Im Jodie. I have grown up surrounded by dogs, cats, horse chickens ect. I Have experience with horses and have my BHS stages 1, 2 and 3. Previously I have looked after peoples horses, dogs and cats at their own place whilst they go...
Samantha, dog walking in Woolley

Hello, my name is Samantha . I have 2 cats at home and regularly look after my neighboors dog.
Natalie, dog walking in Bath

I'm a 21 year old student living full time in Bath while I stud social psychology with the open Univeristy. I have always loved animals, and spent my childhood horse riding with pet hamsters and currently have two rescue cats, Billy and ...
Paulina, dog walking in Bath

I have dog sat for a family for the past 6 years whenever they were on holiday. I have taken their two Labradors on countless dog walks, I also help look after my mothers 10 months old puppy.
Natalie, dog walking in Bath BA1

Hello I'm Natalie and 18 years old. I live with two kittens and looked after dogs in the past as well. My hometown is Munich and I'm living in Bath since one month. I would be happy to hear from you :) Best regards Natalie
Katalin, dogsitter in Bath BA1

I am physically fit so I will have no problem walking, running and kneeling . I am an energetic person. I like playing with pets, I allways smile. I love pets as well.

Im Lucy, I love animals and it has been my dream since i was a little girl to own a dog and now I do! I have a dachshund called Colin, and a cat called Lily. I have lots of experience looking after animals, Ive had cats all my life, a...

I am 19 years old. I have completed level 1 Health and Social Care in College. Since then I have worked in a Elderly care home which I didn't continue with as I struggled with the heat. I have then worked with Avon and in the shop Radley...

I have over five years experience taking care of other peoples dogs and cats, as well as personal experience with both all of my life. I have watched four families pets for over night periods, had five scheduled daily dog walking jobs, a...

I am an eighteen year old female student. I will be starting college in September. I am looking for a weekend job to pet sit. I have experience looking after dogs. I have a dog and a tortoise.
Alice, dog walking - BA1 Bath

I am a student at the University of Bath fundraising for the Children's society. I am very reliable, love animals and have been looking after them my whole life.