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Hannah, dog walking in Belfast

My name is Hannah. I am a pet lover and have looked after my family pets my whole life. I have had many cats, a dog, a horse and also fish! I am responsible and willing to follow directions provided. I currently have two very ind...
Zoe, dog walking in Lisburn city

Hi my name is Zoe, I have 2 schnauzers one male and one female. I care a lot for animals and give them a lot of attention and love.
Lauren, dog walking in Belfast west

My name is Lauren , a girl completing her final year of GCSE's and ready to start my A Levels. For my family I am a regular pet sitter as I have myself owned a large array of animals, hamsters, lizards. dogs and cats to name a few. I ...
Joana Daniela, dog walking - 1000 Bruxelles

I'm Portuguese currently attending the LLM in Human Rights in Queen's University Belfast. I've been living abroad for a while namely in Istanbul where I was an intern in a Research Center. Also, I lived in Venice where I did the first pa...
Carolina, dog walking in Belfast

I have a lot of experiencience with pets because i have been the caretaker's pets of the my family
Shannon, dog walking in Belfast south

I love all types of animals and enjoy walking, I walk my sister's dogs karma and ruby (mongrel and husky) from time to time and have a cat (athena) who I would look after when my mother would go on holiday, I also have some experience w...
Hannah, dog walking in Lisburn city BT17

I am currently in my second year at the University of Cumbria studying Primary Education. I have a lot of love for animals and keep a hamster at my home. In the past my family have had a range of pets including dogs, birds and lizards.
Caitlin, dog walking in Belfast west BT12

Hi I am caitlin, I have had a lot of experience with dealing with pets as I have had a lot of pets myself, I have had a lot of dogs, I have had gerbils and rabbits, I have looked after my aunties snake and birds. There are a lot of exper...
Alexandra, dog walking in Northern Ireland

Hello everyone, I am French and just moved over to Belfast. I am currently enrolled in a training and therefore looking for part-time jobs. Since I love pets and have one of my own, I am offering my services to look after your lo...
Aine, host family for dog - BT15 Belfast north

Hi, im Aine! Im crazy about animals!! Have loads of pets of my own including; 7cows, a goat, a goldfish Bob, my big fluffy(slightly overweight, lazy) cat Ginger and 4 dogs Lily, Luna, Apollo and Dixie! Ive recently completed my first yea...
Paloma, dog walking in Dunmurry

I am Paloma. I am from Spain, I am 22 and I love animals
Christine, dog walking in Ballysillan upper

Hi I run a dog walking business called Christine's Canines . I live in North Belfast & I'm sure you know there are plenty of places to go around that area to keep a dog & myself happy out walking ! I have always had a great love for anim...
Faye, animal boarding in Belfast south BT7

Hi, I have had many pets over my time. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters, snakes. And in order to teach me responsibility I had to look after them. They all lived long lives and some are still healthy and happy today.
Shanitta, host family for dog - BT6 Castlereagh

Hi I'm shanitta and I absolutely am in love with animals , I have two of my own, one dog and one cat. I look after them very well, feed them and walk the dog , I'm also a vegetarian as I love animals so much, my home is very cosy and l...
Catherine, animal boarding in Belfast west BT11

I love animals and would be open to taking care of them while their owners are abroad or unavailable to look after them. I can't look after cats as I am allergic but would be fine with stopping by to simply feed them. I am also open to w...