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Ana Marija, dog walking - BH8 Holdenhurst

Hello, my name is Ana Marija, but you can call me Annie! I am an animal lover and a great pet cuddler. I recently moved to Bournemouth to study Film Production. That meant leaving my family and pets behind, so I would like to bring toget...
Julia, dog walking in Moordown

Hey I'm Julia and I'm 16 years old. I'm here for 3 month to make an internship. Because it is only an internship i want to earn a little bit money. In Germany I have one cat but I often take out the dog of my neighbour. I would be h...
Paige, dog walking - BH8 Holdenhurst

My name is Paige, I am 16 years old and have recently taken and completed my GCSEs at Avonbourne college. I plan on going on further to study at Avonbourne 6th form in September! I come from a large family including 2 dogs. I've had many...
Nadia, dog walking in Bournemouth

I have a great deal of experience with dogs, ranging from the very small (chihuahua/Jack Russell mix) to the rather large (Rottweiler ) and many in between. My family bred pedigree Schnauzers so I have a great deal of experience caring ...
Paige, dog walking in Wick

I love animals!! I have my own dog and rabbit. I've had loads of pets in the past and I love looking after them.
Angela, animal boarding - BH2 Bournemouth

I love animals and I am part of a rescue organization.
Chloe, dog walking in Moordown BH9

Hi! I'm Chloe and I am 22 years old! I love animals and have a Level 3 diploma in animal management. I currently work in a primary school but have had lots of previous experience with animal care. I am available to do pet feeds am/pm ...
Felicia, dog walking in Holdenhurst

I am a bubbly enthusiastic person with lots of energy. I have been bought up around animals all of my life and have dog sat and cat sat on many occasions for my family and friends. I love animals and love to spend time with them to.
Molly, dog walking in Wallisdown BH12

I'm a current student at Bournemouth University. At home I've always been surrounded by animals such as dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils and also ponies. Please get in touch if you need any help! Thank you.
Andreea, dogsitter - BH2 Bournemouth

I love dogs and I would enjoy to take care of them :)

I am a responsible and caring person and is very good with animals. I love animals I have a lot of them myself and enjoy looking after them. I finish school every weekday at 3:30pm so I am free from then on to walk dogs or babysit other ...