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Leticia, dog walking - BA2 Bathampton

Hi there! I am a real animal enthusiast looking to start pet caring professionally. I have had experience caring for all types of animals from cats, dogs and rodents to exotics, ponies and alpacas. I have a couple of years' experienc...
Amanda, cat-sitter in Bathampton BA2

I am an animal lover with lots of experience looking after cats for friends as they have been on holiday. I have lived in their houses and looked after their house and garden also.
Rebecca, dog walking - BA2 Bathampton

I have always been brought up around animals. Ever since a young age I have loved being around them and providing them with attention. I currently have 2 cats of my own and a rabbit. However, I also help out with my nans 6 month old gold...
Elizabeth Shabina, dog walking - BA2 Bathampton

I am 18 years old with a passion for dogs, available also to look after your children if need be. I myself have dogs and have always had dogs since I was a child. Dogs in my opinion bring much warmth and familiarity with them, I enjoy t...
Hannah Marie, animal boarding in Bathampton BA2

I'm 17years old. I love walking dogs and looking after them I have a dog and cat of my own and I love spending time with them. I dog sit all the time with my dog and other dogs and I love walking them and taking them out. Animals are one...

I am a 20 year old student at the university of Bath Spa. I have had previous experience with dogs and horses. I am a huge animal lover and love making sure they are just as happy as we are.
Jodi, dog walking - BA2 Bathampton

I'm Jodi and I'm 15. One of my biggest passions is animals, and I love looking after animals! In my life, I've had two cats, a rabbit and two goldfish. I have also helped friends to look after their dogs, guinea pigs, etc. I wou...
Rosie, dog walking in Bathampton BA2

I enjoy looking after animals and I own two cats myself. Bailey (male kitten) and Stripes (female) I can take dogs out for walks or look after cats at home. I'm a fairly fit person and so I can give your dogs a run for their money! I was...
Nicola, animal boarding in Bathampton BA2

Hello, I live in Bath. I am an active, playful, friendly and fun person. I'm a responsible, tidy and clean type of person and also I’m a trusted person. I am currently studying but starting my summer holidays soon and wanted to found a...

My name is Katie I'm eighteen years old I've had expierance in looking after animals and children before I don't mind eathier I'm really funny and I'm a lovely person to talk to outdoors suits me best I'm very healthy and I'm very out do...
Ekaterina, dog walking in Bathampton

Dear Pet Owner, I am really exited about the opportunity to be able to work for you and look after your pet while you are away. I have a passion for all animals and have a lot of experience looking after cats and dogs having owned man...

Hi my name is Megan I'm 18 years old soon to be 19. I have four cats, two dogs, fish and a hamster. I have studied animal care at Bath college. I am happy to do home visits or to walk and feed your pets. I am comfortable with all types...
Beth, dog walking in Wellow BA2

My name is Beth and I'm 18. I am currently studying English and History at university. I have had a lot of experience with animals, mainly because I have had pets since I was a young girl. At the moment I have a 5 year old Boarder Collie...
Louise, dog sitter - BA2 Twerton

owner of two dogs. current employment includes looking after two dogs

I have a dog! I am just looking for a bit of work after I finish my GCSEs