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Lisha, dog walking in Tillicoultry

Hi, I'm Lisha , I have a tortoise called Tia and a Parrot Fish, I've had many pets over the years so I've had a chance to care for many different animals although I do pick things up really fast so I would be able to care for any pet yo...
Amy, dog walking - FK10 Alloa

When I was younger I had a spaniel who I looked after, I walked him, fed him, bathed him and played with him. I then got some fish who I looked after too. When I was 17 I decided to buy myself a Jack Russell puppy. I do everything with h...
Emma, dog walking in Menstrie FK11

I have always loved animals I love meeting new animals. last year I had a summer that I was taking care of a labrador puppy with a friend of mine. We had a great time as well as learning and watching it grow up. As we were looking aft...
Jake, dog walking in Tullibody FK10

My name is Jake, I am 17 years old and I love dogs, I have had 2 dogs of my own one I no longer have due to it getting too old and another who lives with my auntie, I can do long walks and also playing with the dog in a park if preferred.
Hannah, dog walking in Alva FK12

Hi! My name is Hannah . I have a beautiful and fluffy 2 year old half Maine Coon cat, he's a lovable fluff lump that is full of energy and can be a handful! I also frequently look after my parents new puppy which can be interestin...
Giulia Victoria, dogsitter in Alva

I enjoy animals and I own a cat myself. I have experience looking after friends' cats and have also owned different animals throughout my life. I am a student and I would be more than happy to look after your pet. Please feel free to c...
Lauren, dog walking in Coalsnaughton FK13

Hi my name is Lauren, Im 25 years old and a big animal lover. I recently moved to Scotland from Cape town to further my studies and work. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 birds back at home. I am really missing animal interaction and love spe...

I am currently a student at Lornshill academy looking to leave school and looking for a job. I quite like walking dogs, I've not had a dog my self but I used to walk my grans dogs, they passed away a few years ago. Since then my gran has...

my name is katelin i have a two week old pug called arnie and 3 fish called sandy, bob and patric.