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Orla, dog walking - BT47 Londonderry

My name is Orla! I have a Jack Russell of my own called Walter (after Walter White - Breaking Bad fan). I also look after family friend's dogs - three very large and friendly Hungarian Vizslas. I feel comfortable looking after most pets,...
Jennifer, dog walking - BT47 Londonderry

I am a 17-year-old full-time student looking for work. I board two budgies but I am experienced with dogs and cats. I love walking and I would enjoy walking your dogs. If any further information is needed, feel free to contact me.
Una, dog walking - BT47 Londonderry

My name is Una and I'm 17 years old. I have a one year old Cavachon puppy of my own named Ronnie. He is a very friendly pup and has made my love for dogs grow even more. I understand that some people do not have enough time for their pet...

My name is Cleo and I am looking for some part-time work due to still being in school. I am 15 but soon I'll be 16. I have owned 3 dogs since I've been very young so I am used to most dogs. I love dogs and cats, I would love to work with...
Niamh, dog walking - BT47 Londonderry

I have had the pleasure of growing up around many animals as a child this included having a gerbal at the age 8 and raising my own dog at the age 11 who is now 14 years old and fully house trained as well as behavior training. I have rec...
Mary-catherine, host family for dog in Derry

I love taking care of animals including walking them and giving them lots of love. My family consists of three people, all of us animal enthusiasts and we would be happy to welcome any pets into our home. I am an 18 year old student who ...
Keira, dog walking - BT47 Londonderry

Hey my name is Keira, I am a student from the University of Ulster (Magee). I am currently studying drama. I am 20 and an animal lover. I own 2 dogs and 5 cats myself and can never remember a time when animals weren't a big part of my...
Gemma, dog walking in Londonderry

My name is Gemma . I am currently a Nutrition student in Ulster University. I absolutely love animals especially dogs and I would love to look after you pet to ensure they are taken care of when you are unable to do so. I have had many ...
Cloe, dog walking   Londonderry/Derry

Hello, My name is Cloe , I have 19 years old, and I'm French. I love animals. Punctual, smiling, creative and organized, I will take care of your animals to the best of my ability. By giving them all the love they deserve. I also...
Clodagh, dog walking in Derry

I am Clodagh and I'm 15 years old. I have 2 medium sized dogs that I look after every day. I love dogs and take them both for long walks or a run in the park every day. I have owned dogs most of my life so I have a lot of experience in...
Aoife, dog walking - BT47 Londonderry

My name is Aoife, and I have a lot of experience with pets and animals, I have two dogs called Madra and Tania, and one cat called Lola. I have always loved animals, and love spending time and caring for them.

I am Jessica , 21 years of age. At home I have two wonderful pet Huskys; Thor and Asha. I also have fish and turtle. I am nearly almost available and am willing to look after animals over night if neccesary

My name is Lauren and i am 18 years old. I love animals and i have always owned at least one pet in the past so i have experience in how to train, bathe, interact and take care of animals. I have also taken care of other families dogs be...
Melissa, host family for dog - BT47 Londonderry

I am a marine science student at the university of ulster coleraine. I enjoy taking care of animals and providing any care required. I am and active person, and I am happy to provide the necessary tasks. I have grown up with animals, an...
Chloe, dog walking - BT47 Londonderry

I love animals! I have grown up with pet dogs and ferrets all my life and currently have a pet cat atm. I find all animals just adorable and would love the opportunity to look after one and love them. I have a great deal of patience so c...