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Amaia, dog walking in Carlisle CA1

Hi, My name is Amaia. I am 25 years old and I am from Pamplona, Spain. I have just finished an Engineering Degree in the Public University of Navarre. I need to improve my level of English for working so this is the main reason that I ...
Tracy, dog walking - LA14 Barrow-in-furness

Hi. Me and my son are animal lovers. We have walked dogs and had cats and gineau pigs and bred. Families benefit from caring for animals. Giving them affection and care. I was a volunteer for a animal charity a few years ago but not ma...
Sophie, dogsitter - LA9 Kendal

Sophie done...........
Holly, dog walking in Barrow-in-furness LA14

Hello I, 14 years old and love dogs and cats, I'm a reliable person and will no let anyone down!
Bridie, dog walking in Barrow-in-furness LA14

I'm an eighteen year old student, and I have three cats at home and I also look after my dads boxer dog occasionally. I have had my cats since they were kittens so I have experience looking after kittens too. I own a variety of cat toys ...
Rosheen, dog walking in Cummersdale CA2

Previous dog walking experience, most experience in childcare! worked for families and walked dogs as part of a package, if interested give me a call!
Jade, dog walking in Little urswick LA12

I am Jade and I am 16 years old. I was born in Kendal, Cumbria. I have 3 pets myself, 1 dog named Soxs and 2 cats, Siam and Sooty. I have been brought up with animals and I don't believe i have ever lived in a house with no animals sin...
Kirsty-leigh, dog walking - LA14 Barrow-in-furness

Hi, I'm Kirsty and I love animals. I currently have two dogs at home, a boxer and a bulldog both quite hyperactive but very cuddly. I am 15 which may not reach your requirements but I do think that I am mature for my age and would take t...
Amie, dog walking - LA13 Roosecote

I have a lot of knowledge on reptiles, horses, dogs, cats and birds. I really enjoy looking after animals and I have a border terrier, I use to do frequent horse riding and looked after the horses there. I have looked after a crested gec...
Stephanie, dog walking in Greenodd LA12

My name is Stephanie. I love animals and have done have a sub diploma in animal management NVQ level. I currently have a tarantula, a cat and rabbit but have had a family dog and other cats in the past. I hope you will find me suitable t...
Elizabeth, dogsitter in Ulverston

Hi I am Liz I am just starting out but if you are looking for a active trustworthy dog lover then you found me. I have years of personal experience with my own, family and friends pets. I have rescued many pets in the past t...
Caitlin, dog walking in High nibthwaite

I am a friendly dog lover who is happy to visit homes to feed/check on dogs and also to walk them whenever needed. I love all dogs and have always been around dogs. I grew up on a kennels so have been around dogs all my life and know how...
Lauren, dog walking in Cummersdale CA2

I am Lauren, I have had pets all my life so I have lots of experience looking after animals. I have looked after kittens, cats, puppies and dogs. I have one border collie named Tia I take her for regular walks and she is well looked after.
Chloe, dog walking in Dalton-in-furness

My name is Chloe, I am 18 and love animals. I have two dogs. I have previously had other animals including hamsters, guinea pigs, fish, cats and horses. So I have plenty of experience looking after different animals.
Sarah, dog walking - LA14 Barrow-in-furness

both me and my sister have owned a pet store, helped rescue and rehabilitate injured and abandoned animals. I have a number of pets 6 dogs 3 cats 2 rabbits 2 hamsters a mouse fish 4 snakes and often help out with my sisters 2 r...