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Deborah, dog walking in Derby DE1

Adaptable and ambitious second-year psychology student with proven customer service skills and an excellent understanding of IT, keen to take on the daily challenges and learn new vocations. Seeking a part time opportunity that would complement education time. Pets have always been part of my life, and I have looked after pets for family members while they were on holidays. I have had two dogs in the last five years, and I raised one of them from a puppy.
Lisa, dog walking - DE1 Derby

I am an animal lover for most pets and I do own my own shih tzu, Max who is nearly 4, I’ve had previous experiences with family pets and my own, I’m also very loving and energetic which will be great for energetic pets. I would love any animal and will be reliable. I am looking for a part time job that I could do that I will enjoy and that helps others out too. I am nearly 17 years old so pets such as, dogs and cats would be fine.
Eva, dog walking in Derby DE1

I´m a Spanish woman 26 years. I studied fashion, photography and makeup. I speak few languages I´ve a lot of experience with animals.
Katerina, dog walking in Derby

Hi, my name is Katerina, I'm originally from the Czech Republic, anyway I moved to England to study at the University. I'm studying Criminology second year now and live in Derby. I love being around pets, especially dogs and cats. I own a dog called Mia back in the Czech Republic. This is already my second dog, so I am used to be around animals since I was born. Almost every member of my family owns a dog or a cat and anytime they are busy I am more than happy to help them out. I can...
Coraleigh, dog walking in Derby

Hello, My name is Coraleigh Jade , I am 22 years of age. I am a big animal lover and own my own pets. I am a very friendly, trustworthy, reliable woman who belives animals lives matter just as much as humans. I have a dog who is 7 years old I've had her from 8 weeks old she is called Stella. Also I have a 16 year old cat called ginge. I love them with all my heart. Animals well being is most important to me. Pets should be walked fed watered loved and played with. I am able to provide ...
Chloe, dog walking - DE1 Derby

I am 18 years old. I live around derby and I have my own pup named Loopy he's almost 5 in December. I am a dog lover and enjoy spending time with them.
Lauren, animal boarding in Derby DE1

I'm Lauren and I am searching for a job to earn money and I feel this is a good job for me as I have many pets which I have looked after before not only that I have exsperience at farms, and family friends pets which they have let me look after before and I wasn't a problem please don't let my age be a problem as I am very mature and independent! :)
Harriet, dog walking in Derby DE1

I’m a 19year old student from derby. I currently have many pets myself including 3 dogs, 2 cats and a bearded dragon. 2 of my dogs are larger breeds (Doberman and dogue de bordoux) and my other is a smaller breed (a French bulldog). I have experience with all size breeds of dogs as well as cats. As I also have a bearded dragon I also have knowledge on other reptiles however it is limited but with instructions I will be able to care for them efficiently.
Bethany, dog walking - DE1 Derby

I am a animal lover as I've grown up with animals. I have my own big dog which I look after and I have two cats. I know how to walk dogs and be able to control them when needed. I don't have a problem with cleaning up mess. And I don't have a problem with cleaning out cages as I had 2 rabbit's when I was younger.
Nikki, dog walking in Derby DE1

Hello, my name is Nikki and I am a 16 year old girl looking for something to keep me occupied. I love animals just not reptiles! Any other animal I will accept looking after them. I have 2 cats and a few fish and my younger sister who I live at home with has a pet hamster, I have also had dogs in the past so I do have experience in looking after pets! I am willing to take dogs on walks, visit the animals/pets whilst out/holidays (absolutely anything!) I am very trustworthy and reliable for an...
Lauren, dog walking - DE1 Derby

I have dogs of my own. I know their needs. I love dogs so much. I’m available for walking and dog sitting.
Lauren, dog walking in Derby

My names Lauren, I'm 20 years old. Currently live in mickleover and have my own transport. I currently own a beautiful Siamese x Burmese female who's 3 years of age, and have a fish tank containing fish, snails and shrimp. In the past I've owned hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, dogs, and various other animals so I know how to correctly care for them.
Chloe, dog walking in Derby DE1

I love animals so much :) from dogs, to rats, to budgies, to guinea pigs.
Sylwia, dog walking - DE1 Derby

I love dogs. I had 4 dogs in the past
Chelsea, dog walking - DE1 Derby

I love animals (all types) and this would be a good opportunity for me to earn some extra cash
Davina, dog walking in Derby

Hi, im Davina. I am a current student at University of Derby. I have grown up surrounded by animals. I have over 3 years’ experience in handling animals and pets, I am free of allergies to animal hair/dander. Furthermore, i have in-depth knowledge of different breeds of domestic pets. I own a reliable car, driver’s license and current auto insurance.Also, i possess a power over leashed animals over 50 lbs. I am a caring, kind pet lover who is passionate about animals. Also, a good liste...


I really good with animals, however I would only be able to work weekends.

Hi, my name is Zoe, and I'm interested in petsitting and walking. I have experience working with horses at a riding school for around five years, and I have grown up around cats and dogs. I really love animals and would love to gain some work experience working with them. Currently I have a dog called Jack, he's an eight year-old Rottweiler who still thinks he's two! He loves his walks and to try and chase hedgehogs, but more than anything he loves food and cuddles. I have previously live...
Magdalena, dog walking in Derby

Hey, I'm Maggie and I'm 16, I love animals and am looking forward to helping care for them as I want all animals to have the best care since I'm an animal lover. I have many pets at home, I've got a dog, I had two cats and now I have a hamster and a rabbit. I love them all and couldn't live without them. I wouldn't be able to feed or clean fish tanks as I'm allergic to fish food and haven't had much expierience due to that reason.
Kirsty, dog walking in Derby DE1

My names kirsty I'm 25 years old currently have 2 staffys and I am currently looking after my friends cat for month at her place and her 3 hamsters
Chloe, dog walking in Derby

Hello, my name is Chloe, I am 15 years old. I have been an animal lover since a young age. I have a Dog and have ridden horses for 9 years. I attend 9-3 so will be available 5pm onwards during school term, however in the holidays I am free and also weekends.

I can come to your house to look after pets while you are out. I can take dogs for walks aswell as feed and be human company of other animals.

I have a dog of my own and I am very involved in taking her on regular walks as I know how important it is for dogs to get the right amount of exercise each day. By taking other dogs on walks I believe it will allow me to bond more with dogs and have more experience if I chose to go on in the future with this.
Jess, dog walking in Derby

Hey I'm Jess, I've just finished my first year of uni so I have a lot of free time and I'm looking to fill this with jobs. I love animals of all kinds and it would be a pleasure to look after some, especially considering we aren't allowed any in student halls, I'm having withdrawal symptoms from my cat at home ahaha.
Paulina, dog walking in Derby DE1

I do not have any experience of fully taking care of animals, but I love them!

In our family we had dogs, cats and rodents. Now my family have dog (pug) and cat. I had hamster and degu. Now I live in UK with my boyfriend and we have 6 rats :) I am a vegan so I never eat your pet ;) I really love animals and I want to have a lot of animals in future. :)

I'm interested in do home visits or walks.I had a dog so i have some experience.

I am looking to work with animals