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Albany, dog walking - DD1 Dundee

My name is Albany Ross and I am 20 years old. I do not currently hold a drivers license but I am looking to re-start my lessons shortly. I am more than happy to look after any pets if its regular or a one off. Although I have no professional experience I am currently the own of a 5 month old Hamster named Minnie. Also in our home we have a family dog who is a West highland white terrier who is 15 years old this October. I enjoy taking him out on walks. In the past I have had gold...
Lydia, dog walking in Dundee

I am a 19 nearly 20 year old student about to begin studying HND year 1 Textiles at college and I am a huge animal lover! I even became vegetarian as a result of my love for animals ( I have no problem with the meat in animal feed). I currently have only two cats of my own, (a tiny all black queen and a half Maine Coon/tabby tom) who sadly are not very welcoming to other animal friends, and I have had up to 10 at once in the past, so large numbers are only more appealing! They are by far my f...
Jenni, dog walking in Jedburgh

I've lived on a farm all my life so I have experience with all kinds of animals. As pets over the years we've had dogs, cats, rabbits, guiana pigs, ferrets, stick insects, and iguana. Currently I have four dogs; Millie, Moss, Midge and Muffin (not deliberate!!)
Lisa, dog walking in Dundee DD1

Hi! I'm Lisa and I am simply an animal lover looking to care for animals in my spare time but would love to make this full time. I have one dog, three cats and a hamster of my own but still have plenty of love and cuddles to give! My pets are my world and I understand the comfort it can give to you knowing your pet is not alone all day and can get the extra care you cannot provide at that time. I have been doing this for several years for my friends and family so to do this as a job would be ...
Emma, dog walking in Dundee

Hello, My name is Emma and I am a Nursing student in Dundee. I am passionate about caring for people which is why I am training to be a nurse. However, I also have a new found love for animals. I never grew up with animals because my mum was always allergic but Ive always wanted a dog in particular. I spent my summer in Barcelona as an au pair which also included looking after a dog. It was the best experience Ive ever had and now I completely understand the bond between owner and pet...
Pilvi, dog walking in Dundee DD1

I'm a -95 born young woman from Finland. I study in Dundee (Abertay University). I'm on my second year of Psychology Honors degree. My family has had a lot of cats and dogs, so I have often looked after them, taken them for a walk, fed, played with them etc. I love animals. Even though I don't have experience of other kinds of pets, I'm sure I can handle them with a clear introduction!
Alexis, animal boarding in Dundee

I love animals - I have had every animal imagine able, and have loved every minute of it. I currently live with two cats, Nikki and Jack, a bearded dragon, Hercules, and our chinchilla , Chilly. I am happy to do walking, feeding, general exercising and even just company if need be. Also happy to look after animals while you are on holiday. I could write about animals forever, so if you are looking for a genuine animal lover, please get in touch, I can provide many pictures and stor...
Rowan, dog walking - DD1 Dundee

Hi there! I'm Rowan, I'm 19 and I've only just recently moved here from a little village near Wales. I have been caring for animals my entire life, starting with cats (2 males) who have been in my family for over a decade, moving on to looking after peoples' dogs whilst they're on holiday, as well as doing a BTEC in Animal Care in High School, which involved me having to look after dozens of different animals including: - Pigs -Chickens -Alpacas -Tortoises -Bearded Dragons and Water Drag...
Carin, dog walking in Dundee

Hi I am a 20 year old female looking some pet care experience, I have previous experience looking after dogs and cats. I currently have a Syrian hamster named Spike and a young cat named Loki-Luna, I have had experience looking after a chocolate Labrador from about 9 months old to 5 years old, a Yorkshire terrier over three different summers and a young spaniel for a week. I have experience in walking Labradors, Yorkshire terriers, spaniels, German Shepherd, English Bulldogs and even my ca...
Jenna, dog walking in Dundee

Hi there! I'm Jenna, I'm 18 and I'm currently studying at Abertay University. I would say that my favourite thing to do would be to play with and spend time with animals, I love them. I have two dogs of my own who I love more than life itself, Troy who is an 11 year old springer spaniel and Buzz who is a 5 year old cocker spaniel. Both of them are incredibly energetic and love to play and go exploring. My perfect day would be going on a long walk with my dogs and snuggling up on the couch wit...
Amy, dog walking - DD1 Dundee

I'm Amy, I don't have any pets but my gran has a dog. I like to walk and feed my gran's dog. I love to play with dogs.
Katriona, dog walking in Dundee DD1

Hello My name is Katriona and I am a third year criminological studies student at the University of Abertay Dundee. I attend university for around 8 hours a week so I am very much available to look after your pet. At my flat in Dundee I have two pet hamsters named Sooty and Latifa. They are dwarf hamsters and I enjoy playing with them. At my parents house (which I have only recently moved from) I have a pet dog named Shona. She is a rescue dog who is a mix between an Alsatian, Collie ...
Megan, dog walking in Dundee

my name is megan reid and i have a dachshund names Arnie he is a difficult dog to handle as he is very teritorial and loud, i love looking after animals as i have grown up around my uncles dogs then i got my own. sadly because of my dog being very teritorial i cannot have any other animals in my home as i don't know how my dog will react.
Estelle, dog walking in Dundee

Hello, my name is Estelle, I am a French-Mauritian postgraduate student with a degree in Film Studies and Performing Arts, and an animal lover! Growing up in Mauritius, I would rescue a lot of stray dogs, therefore I have had over 20 dogs! At the moment, I have a 12 year-old German Shepherd called Alex, a 7 year-old dalmatian called Sally and two mutts called Blanche and Caramel. I also have a 3 year-old cat called Toki! When I was a child, we also had fish, rabbits and hens. I would b...
Lucy, dog walking - DD1 Dundee

Hi there, my name is Lucy, I am 20 years old and am currently in third year at university studying primary teaching! I love working with animals. I currently have two rabbits aged 4 and have had two previously who lived to the age of 9. I also have a 1 year old cocker spaniel who I love taking for long walks and playing fun and exciting games with her. I have had both warm and cold water fish my whole life. My partner currently has a 1 year old cat so I have alot of experience being around ca...
Cara, cat-sitter in Dundee DD1

Having grown up with cats and being around them my whole life I feel I know how to handle their many personalities and am very comfortable taking care of them. If your cat has any specific needs I'm more than happy to hear about them! I am gentle and highly reliable. Since moving into student accommodation, I miss having cats around me and would be grateful for any opportunity to help you with your furry friend!
Vera, dog walking in Dundee DD1

Hi, my name is Vera and I am originally from the Czech Republic. I moved to Dundee to study at University of Abertay, however I have a lot of spare time. I have a dog back home and I definitely miss taking care of him so I would love to help someone out with walking or any kind of help connected to animals.
Megan, dog walking in Dundee

My name is Megan I am 15 years old don't be put off by my age I am a very hard working girl and I love animals I have 3 of my own I have 2 dogs and a hamster I am very good with dogs as I have grown up around them I am willing to take your pet out for a walk if needed feed it water it groom it bath I am willing to help around the house also by cleaning I will also work for free if needed be sure to get in touch
Rachel, dog walking in Dundee DD1

I am an outgoing student with a positive attitude who is a lover of cats and dogs. I have no professional experience in working with animals however I have been brought up with lots of cats and a few dogs in my household so I am extremely used to caring for animals and know how to act with them. I am hard-working and am not work-shy and will happily take on any task that I am given.
Chelsea, dog walking - DD1 Dundee

i love animals its like i have a passion for them i grow grate bonds with them and go for there needs so if you need any help with any kind of animals just give me a message and i will hope you choose me thank you.

Hi, my name is Laura, I am 19 years old and I am currently in my third year of studying Fine Art at the University of Dundee. I am looking to start babysitting and pet-sitting in my spare time. I have grown up with pets and have only lived without them since starting uni. I have owned dogs of various breeds from great dane to collie, cats, fish, hamsters, rabbits, budgies and horses of various sizes, breeds and ages. My current horse is a 17.2hh 9yo irish draught called odin. I am prepared to...
Tessa, dogsitter in Dundee

I have grown up with dogs, cats and horses always being part of the family.
Margaux, dog walking in Dundee

Hello, I am French and have a master's degree in business law. I studied at dundee University from January to December 2018. I fell in love with Scotland and wish to stay a little longer. I have two dogs and two cats. I've always lived with animals, I also had a rabbit. So I know how to take care of animals and I love that. In addition to looking after my dogs and cats, I have already looked after other animals and visited their owner during their holidays. Do not hesitate to contact...
Rayanen, animal boarding - DD1 Dundee

Hi my names rayanen I am currently a student at the university of Dundee and looking for a job while I'm there. I love pets and have two dogs at home. I have had cats before and also rodents.
Regina, animal boarding - DD1 Dundee

Hello, I have moved to Dundee to study Animation in the University of Dundee. As a student I have some time to spare and am quite flexible with my time. I love animals and would love to spendsome of my free time taking care of them. I grew up with a lovely orange Collie and have more briefly shared apartments with some very impressive cats. I also have experience looking after goldfish and rodents, namely a mini hamster and a curly haired Dumbo rat. I enjoy spending my free time out...
Weronika, dog walking in Dundee

I am a Psychology student at Abertay University. I have a 6-year-old dog back home (a standard Schnauzer). I also gained experience in looking after dogs by looking after my family's dogs. (Golden Retriever and a scrub)
Ainoa, dogsitter - DD1 Dundee

Hi, I am Ainoa and I love animals :)
Claire, dog walking in Dundee

I have 2 cats of my own at the moment who I love dearly and have had dogs in the past as well as Budgies and Hamsters. I love all animals and would relish the opportunity to look after an animal, take them on walk if required, or just purely make sure they are ok and to feed them etc.
Jessica, dog walking - DD1 Dundee

I'm a student studying English and Film at Dundee University. I have a dog and a cat at home as well has having cared for horses and hamsters in the past.
Emily, dog walking in Dundee DD1

I am such an animal lover, and i have had the chance to look after many animals over the past few years! From growing up with animals and always being around them I feel that I am more than capable.