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Kayla, dog walking - YO43 Holme-on-spalding-moor

I love dogs and I'm not allowed my own however I've looked after them for friends quite alot! I'm kayla and I'm 14 years old, I want a job but also I want to enjoy it and dogs are great!
Sophie, dog walking in Preston HU12

I am Sophie and i am 14. I love animals and they mean everything to me! have 2 cats and a small dog myself to care for and have been payed to walk some of the old couples dogs around my village before so i am trusted! I am willing to ba...
Shania, dog walking - YO16 Bridlington

Hello my name is Shania and I'm 15 but currently looking for some sort of income. I love animals and in the past I have had two rabbits, a great Dane , and a cat. Currently me and my family own a tortoise. I am willing to look after the ...
Abigail, cat-sitter in Bridlington

I have had cats all my teenage life. I am used to looking after them and believe I am quite knowledgeable when looking after them. I'm aware that not everyone can afford to put their pet into a kennel while they are away or have anyone t...
Shauna, animal boarding in Cottingham HU16

I have animals of my own and I love them to pieces, I love to work and be around different animals.
Lucia, dog walking in Bridlington YO16

Hi I am Lucia and i love dogs I have 2 dogs of my own so i would love to help other people if they need theyre tog to be walked to maybe petsitting Please contact if you have any questions
Kelly, dog walking in Bempton YO15

I am 30 years old, I am a housewife with children of school age so I am available at any time of day apart from school runs. I currently have my own little ark and am very experienced with animals. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 slider turtles...

I am a friendly 17 year old girl who loves cats and dogs. I grew up on a farm where we had lots of pets, my dad still has a dog, so I often look after her at my mums house. I can take the dogs for walks, feed them, make sure they constan...
Jade, dog walking in Bilton

As I have been growing up I have had many dogs ranging from small to extra large, I have owned a jack Russel, a staffortshire bullterrier, and two dogue de bordeux (french mastiff). When I had these dogs I was responsible for walking, fe...
Ellie, dog walking in Kirk ella HU10

Hi my name is Ellie.I am looking for part time work looking after animals. I am willing to do dog walking, house sitting, home visits etc.I am also an experienced horse rider so willing to look after horses and muck out , exercise etc...
Tyler, dog walking in Thorpe YO25

I am a passionate animal lover wanting to pursuer a career with animals. I am currently studying animal Management at college and carry out regular work placements with businesses in the animal industries. I volunteer at a stables wher...
Lillie, dog walking in Bridlington

I am a pet owner my self a dog and have in the past own fish, guinea pigs and rabbits. They're are the animals I'll be most comfortable with as already have experience looking after them. I can drive so can make quick stops through the d...
Sophie, dog walking in Anlaby

I am Sophie and I am 15 years old. I have a dog myself and have previously had hamsters and fish. I love animals and I think they are fascinating!
Katie, dog walking - YO25 Little driffield

Hello, I'm Katie, and I love animals! I have two rabbits at home and have previously had pet hamsters, dogs, fish etc. I would be happy to fulfill any duty you may need! Please do not hesitate to contact me.
Samantha, animal boarding   East Riding of Yorkshire

Dear Sir/Madam I’m passionate about animals and the care that goes in to making them comfortable and happy when they arrive with us, I’ve had many years experience with animals; American Bulldogs, as well as smaller breads such as the...