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Essex County, major cities:

Petsitting Chelmsford
Petsitting Harlow
Petsitting Springfield
Ella, dog walking in Harlow

I am a very ambitious young lady, I am always determined to achieve and reach goals I or anyone else has set for myself. I like to believe I have a bright and bubbly personality and am very approachable. I love meeting new people and bei...
Lia, dog walking - CM99 Chelmsford

My name is Lia , I live in Chelmsford Essex, very close to the town center. I am currently at The Boswells School and will soon be leaving in June to go to college. I have grown up with dogs, I have had a Jack Russel female named Tinker...
Elena, dogsitter in Chelmsford CM99

I have lived in a farm all my life I would like to help anybody that need me to stay , walk , feed , play with they're pets and loved animals