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Kerry, dog walking - G52 Glasgow

I have always loved animals and am planning on becoming a vetinary nurse. I have two dogs myself which I love looking after and taking care of them, I have also previously had a cat and fish. I do horse riding so I ride the horses I also saddle them up and take care of them. I have had previous work working at a farm in Edinburgh. I am 16 years old and currently a student at high school in my 5th year.
Amanda, host family for dog - G52 Glasgow

I love animals I am Amanda from Barnsley seeking opportunity to look after animals, I used to have pets myself Dogs Cats and Goldfish.
Loreena, dog walking in La rochelle

I am a French 19 years old student willing to keep company or simply walk your animals. As I am used to be around animals back in France ( dogs, cats, birds and even chicken), I will be delighted to play with your pets and to give them the affection they need. I am available during the week and the weekend, so do not hesitate.. contact me!!
Sasha, dog walking in Glasgow G52

Hi I’m Sasha I’m 18 but don’t be out of my age I’ve grew up with cats and dogs all my life and I’ve looked after from walking feeding and bathing them and cleaning them up. I have a pet dog called Maya she’s a westie and she’s hyper and loving dog and gets along with child. I take her long walks and I clean her up and feed and play with her out the garden. So I’ve had plenty of experience of looking after cats and dogs
Lauren, dog walking in Glasgow

Hi my names Lauren I'm 20 years old, I own 2 dogs of my own a border collie who's 8 and a Staffordshire terrier who's 3. I absolutely adore animals! I love spending time with them I believe they are such fantastic creatures with all their wee characteristics. I also have a budgie and a rabbit that I love looking after and my brother owns a fish tank which I mostly look after with all the cleaning it out and feeding. I would be a reliable pet sitter as I would never let your animal kiss any of...
Amelia, dog walking in Glasgow G52

I currently have a Cocker Spaniel back home but unfortunately do not see her enough since I'm studying away from home and so I would love to keep up the dog company in Glasgow. I'm a massive lover of dogs and spent a lot of time with mine when we first got her early last year and throughout summer. Her first month she fell quite ill and was particularly challenging to look after! I have spent nights awake monitoring my ill dog, and endless hours training her, particularly on the lead! I'd als...

Hello, I would like to introduce myself as a pet lover and also as a pet owner since forever. I like taking care of animals and spend time with them. I consider them as important as any other human being on the planet. I enjoy spending time and taking good care of them and I will be extremely happy to look after your pet . Thank you in advance, Viviana
Samantha, dog walking - G23 Glasgow

I love animals and children and am available to look after them when need be. Both are such blessings to a family and I can guarantee either animal or child will be safe and happy in my care. I have experience with children and have had my own pets so know the basics on how to look after animals. I have had mostly dogs in the past and a cat that my grandmother has had for years and am asked frequently to look after them.
Zainab, dog walking in Glasgow

i own 2 cats. my eldest cat is going to be two in July and a Persian kitten who us 6 months. very loving and friendly with cats as well as dogs. i have had previous experience with dogs when i was younger and do not mind taking them to long or short walks.
Natalia, animal boarding in Glasgow

My name is Natalia and I'm 15 years old, I was born on 7th of May. I don't really have any qualifications for petsitter but I've done it so many times. I love animals so much and love to spend time with them. There is not an animal that I don't like, but I love dogs and cats especially.
Rachael, dog walking in Glasgow G52

I have 2 cats of my own and love all animals, it would be wonderful if I could help care for yours

I am the proud owner of a beautiful cocker spaniel, who is 1. I found it difficult leaving my dog for family holidays, always feeling like nobody could care for my dog as well as I could. I would love to help out other people in this same situation.
Heather, dog walking in Glasgow G52

Hi I have a lot of experience with animals - dogs, cats, bunnies and small birds. I would be happy to look after your pet! I have a small walled garden which is suitable for bunnies and I can board if this is needed. I can also take dogs for walks during the day at most times if you are struggling to do this or are at work. Please get in touch.
Natalia, dog-sitter - G13 Glasgow

I love all animals! Willing to visit/feed/play with your fluffies :)
Shelby, dog walking in Glasgow G52

I'm Shelby I love animals treat them brilliant. Love walking with them, I'm a really good helper. I live in barmulloch would come to your home to look after the pet make sure everything's good i would really like it if someone got back to me about this as I love pets. I take very good care of animals, I have my own boxer dog I treat great. I once had a staff I looked after really good! I'm 16. 17 on the 26 of febuary. I have a good strength on dogs. Love animals I would take good care in t...
Myriam, dog walking - G52 Glasgow

Hi , My name is myriam and I am a animal lovers I am French and in glasgow since 1 month It would be a pleasure to be able to keep your animals playing with them .I am very comfortable with animals
Bethan, dog walking - G13 Glasgow

My family currently has two parson terriers Sam and Oscar who I take care of and walk, I have years of experience with dogs as I have grown up around them.

I have an experience in pet care,