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Olivia, dog walking - HU3 Hull

I love caring for pets I am a pet lover I have had plenty of pets and experience of caring for them I know how to wash and clean the pets I am an active person so I will be walking the pets keeping them fit I will be very playful as I can towards your pets
Paige, dog walking - HU8 Hull

I am only 15 but if you email or message me on willing to answer any worries or concerns you may have! I love love love animals and am able to walk most days after school and most weekends and I am look after them for a few hours most Saturdays and Sundays some Fridays after school
Georgia, dog walking in Hull

My name is Georgia , I am 16 years old and have always been a lover of animals no matter how big or small. Every pet matters to me from stick insects to dogs. I can work upon request and I am extremely reliable. I have a 7 year old boxer dog named Joe, I always care for him when my parents leave the house as he hates being alone. I am extremely active therefore I can go for any walks from the shops to the beach.
Sharon, dog walking in Hull HU8

The most dog caring person in East Hull. Trustworthy and responsible dog sitter/walker. Hi I’m Sharon. I’m a pet lover; especially dogs! They’re just so adorable and amazing at all times! I really enjoy spending time with them! I recently moved to Hull, UK from Taiwan. Had to leave my gorgeous dog to my family back home which made me quite sad…So if there are any chances to dogsit/walk dogs, It’ll make my day! I have a dog called Miuki who is 9 years old brown toy poodle. As I moved to ...
Adriana, host family for dog - HU5 Hull

Hi, I am Adriana and I like animals. I can walk your pet when you can not do this, or I can offer host for him. I live in a shared house, I have a big room, a terrace and a yard. I do not have a job, so I have a lot of free time, which I would be happy to share with your pet. If you need me to take care of your pet, please contact me anytime.
Corie, dog walking - HU8 Hull

Corie Gray, 17, I have been brought up with animals ever since I can remember, currently In my home I am looking after 8 year old Labrador, two dobermans. The mother and father and Doberman 10 puppies which are 8 week so old soon, I've also had a mongrel am doing staffie. I get my love of dogs from my mother.

Hi my name is Samantha, I love to care for any pet and their health and well being is so important to me. I have two Cats my self Biscuit (15 years) and Misty (9 years), I also have two rabbits Flicker (3 years) and Nudge (3 years). I'm available to care for your animals when ever you need someone to care for them so you don't have to put them into a kennels. I also have experience of all kind of animals, I have qualifications within the animal industry. I can also give advise if needed ...
Charleigh, dog walking in Hull

My name is Charleigh and I'm 21. I've loved animals since I was a small child and would love to help out other pet owners. I have experience with cats and dogs having owned them both all my life. I currently have one dog and fifteen cats. I'll walk your dog or just stay in your home and keep them company if you're at work or going on holiday. I'll keep cats company if they hate being alone while you work or if you can't afford to use a cattery while you go away. Prices to be discussed w...
Elizabeth, animal boarding - HU2 Hull

I am enthusiastic, self-motivated, reliable, hard working, honest individual. I am a massive animal lover even had a pet sheep for my 8th birthday, I am currently looking for a job so I can move out and keep my 11 year old dog, jess a jack Russell cross beagle. I've had range of animals from chinchillas to five horses at the moment I live with my dog, my hamster my bird and my mums three cats ( I'd have more if I could! ) Thank you for your time.
Courtney, dog walking - HU8 Hull

My name is Courtney, I am a pet owner myself with a cat and a rabbit. Other pets that live in my home belong to family, we have 2 cats and a rabbit altogether. We did have a chameleon but she recently passed away. At one point we had 10 rabbits it was chaos. I love working with animals and love exploring their behaviors and learning about them and their individual personalities. I admire the companionship and love ability of any creature. Animals are there to love and cherish that is why ...
Bethany, dog walking - HU4 Hull

I am Bethany and I am 16years of age, I have had numerous pets in the past including: cats, hamsters, dogs, fish, rabbits and guinea-pigs which I managed to take care of alone and I also walk my Grandma's dog for her as she is not able to do this alone, her dog is called Pebbles and I enjoy walking her dog voluntarily.
Courtney, dog walking - HU5 Hull

Hi my name is courtney im 20 years old. I have 2 dogs male called bruno (aka) peanut, and female called marley I have a little puppy wich is there son called bobbie they had six puppys but I had to keep him I brought him back to life so he means alot. they are staffy and American bulldogs I take my dogs for a walk at least twice a day I have always wanted to work with animals especially dogs because they are lovely and very intelligent.
Samantha, dog walking in Hull

I'm A kind hearted, full of energy and A lover of animals. I have lots of experience with animals such as raising and training my own animals from birth. I would like to offer my services including dog walking, exercising, feeding of both dogs and cats, regular home visits, vets visits and anything more the owner and pet may need assistance with.
Holley, dog walking - HU8 Hull

Hello my name is Holley I am looking in to starting dog walking as I enjoy going for my daily walks and would love the company
Molly, dog walking - HU4 Hull

I'm a dog owner myself (I've also previously owned a guinea pig) therefore I know and am aware of how to look after pets. My dogs name is Syd, he's a mix between a Schnauzer and a Maltese and is almost 2 years old. I've previously done casual work for family friends looking after pets, such as a cat and rabbits. I'm an 18 year old college student, therefore would mostly be available either after school hours, weekends or school holidays. I would walk dogs, feed/water any animal and any other ...
Mariana, dog walking in Hull

Hello my name is Mariana, I am 17 years old. I have a cat, very loving one. My house is very clean and big I have a big garden so the pets can run around and play. I like to take care of them.
Rebecca, dog walking in Hull HU5

I'm a 22 year old student at Hull University studying Spanish with Marketing. I have a bearded dragon however would love to look after any kind of pets as I love animals!
Chloe-jo, dog walking in Hull HU5

i am 16 and love all kinds of pets and i love animals, i am always looking after my dogs , i cant host any dogs or other pets at my house although i can visit theirs
Anastasiia, dog walking in Hull HU8

I have a lot of pets, especially fish and a reptile. I used to walk every day a dog for two hours. Love communicating and looking after pets, I wish to have more pets, however it is not possible so that i have an opportunity to work with you pets and give them more attention. Very friendly and knowing what I am doing with pets. Will take care of them as my own ones. Hope that will contact me as soon as possible. Thank you

I have a dog and three cats myself and have also looked after family pets

I'm very good at looking after animals as I have many of my own and they are different species so I'm good at dealing with different animals, I have 3 turtles a cat and 2 dogs I've also had ferrets in the past so I am a animal lover in addition this I've looked after my families animals many times when they have gone away on holiday for 2 weeks I'm also a very trustworthy person and very dependent for my age as I'm young adult I'm very active and love going on long work so this would help wit...
Gemma, host family for dog in Hull HU5

In my own back in Essex we have a Chocolate Labrador which i look after when i am home. In Hull i have previously looked after people dogs on a few occasions in my own home. My house has a garden for animals to play in.
Licia, dog walking in Hull

My name is Licia and I am a final year student at the University of Hull. I need a part-time job to get some extra cash and looking after pets would be an amazing job for me. I love pets. In Italy, I have a cat and a dog and I love them very much. This would be an opportunity for me to be with pets as I really miss my own.
Rashaun, dog walking in Hull

Hi I'm Rashaun I'm 21 nearly 22 years old, have a lot of experience with animals due to having my own and also being around my family's and friends pets, I'm very well rounded and will look after any animal that you have. I am a recent graduate with a Bachelor's Degree
Rosemary, dog walking - HU8 Hull

I have had experience with many types of animals, but mainly as family pets, including snakes, so I am able to be around snakes, but I am not use to holding or feeding them and my brother is a horse rider, so I experienced at being around horses.

I have many years experience with dogs and cats. I have been brought up with dogs and know how to look after and care for them. overall I have had 9 dogs in 15 years alive. I absolutely love animals!!
Keeley, dog walking in Hull

I am Keeley and I am willing to offer my services to pet sitting. I have always grown up with dogs so I am very confident around them.

I'm Maisie and i'm 15, nearly 16, i have two dogs. I have a french bull dog puppy called Roscoe and an older West Highland Terrier called Ruby. I have experience in looking after dogs mainly but also family members cats. I often care for my own dogs aswell as family members and family friends. I am very trustworthy as i have lots of experience and i am a huge pet person, i would be willing to work whenever i'm free and any job can be done.
Kanyinsola, dog walking in Hull

My name is Kanyinsola .im 18 years old and I study at the university.i really need this job although, I'm not experienced but I love animals

I'm 16 years old and I'm a sociable caring girl. I have a dog named Gizmo who is 3 years old and I love to play with him and take him out. I've been brought up with dogs my whole life and I also have dogs in my family. I also have a fish.