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Petsitting Maidstone
Petsitting Sandgate
Olivia, dog walking in Maidstone

My name is Livvy I am a kind caring bubbly individual and I am 17 years old. I have always grown up with animals, and I have two dogs at present. They are a cocker poo aged 15 weeks and a chalkie aged 9. I have experience with - - Wor...
Carron, dog-sitter in Maidstone

I have pets I clean and care and feed them and would hope if anyone ever looked after them they did everything right too . I am sure once we speak and I meet your pet/family member then you can see it's fine to ask me to care for them. ...
Kelsey, dog walking - ME99 Maidstone

Hi! My name is Kelsey. I live in Maidstone and provide dog walking or holiday feeding services to animals in and around the Maidstone area. I have experience looking after a whole range of pets. I currently walk 2 dogs a week and hav...
Dorice, dog walking in Maidstone ME99

My name is Dorice, I am 17 years old. I have had lots of cats in the past & look after dogs too, while my family members goes on holiday I make sure the fish are feed. I have 1 cat at the moment, he's a calm & outdoor kind of cat.
Jessica, dog walking in Maidstone

i am jessica and i am 16 years of age. i have a puppy who is four months old his name is shadow and his bread is a Siberian husky. i have experience with what to do when it comes to taking care of a dog as i have my own.
Imogen, dog walking - ME99 Maidstone

I am a big animal lover and grew up around a lot of animals , my mum bred cats so ever since a young girl I helped her deliver the kittens and feed them when their mothers wouldn't, I currently live with 39 cats, 3 dogs, 4 Guinea pigs & ...
Georgiana, dog walking - ME99 Maidstone

My name is Georgiana, I am from Romania and I've been an aupair in the UK since March 2015. One of my aupair responsibilities is looking after the family dog, an 8 years old Labradudel. She is an amazing dog and made me realize how muc...
Alex, host family for dog in Maidstone

I am Alex, I love animals and would like to look after them in my spare time. I do own a Yorkshire terrier, who's name is Daisy, and a cat, his name is fluffy. I live in a two storey house with my two pets, but don't worry they are bo...
Tegan, dog walking in Maidstone ME99

Hello, my name is Tegan . I own two cats called gizmo and comet who are two of my favourite things in the world. I am a huge animal lover and recently rescued a baby bird that resulted in me calling animal shelters for two hours to find...
Charlotte, dog sitter in Maidstone ME99

I'm 21 years old, with 10+ years of experience with a variety of animals. I have grown up around cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, fish, and horses. I also have professional experience with cats, dogs, rodents, small animals, r...
Moesha, dog walking - ME99 Maidstone

I have 4 dog and i love being round them so if u need any help plz contact me on my phone number thank u

I have a cat that I've been taking care of so I'm knowledgeable and experienced.