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Inès, catsitting in Stoneygate LE5

Bonjour ! I am a French girl of 19 years old. I have just arrived in England with my family and I am looking for a small job. I don't speak very good English. (I have courses.) In France, I kept several times cats at home for several...
Megan, dog walking in Leicester LE1

I'm at the university of Leicester and miss having animals around! So I'd love to walk or look after all type of animals! I currently have a 5 year old Red Fox Lab named Tiggy who is gorgeous! I also have experience with cats, hamsters, ...
Ciara, dog walking - LE3 Braunstone

Hi, My name is Ciara and I'm 17 years old. I have a passion for all animals especially Dogs and Cats. I have a dog of my own named Zoey. She is a Jack Russell mixed with a Border Collie and she is 10 years old and absolutely gor...
Sheena, dog walking in Leicester LE1

I love animals! I live in student accommodation, so obviously, can't keep any pets there, and it makes me miss my dogs and rabbits that I have back home!
Chloe, dog walking - LE1 Leicester

Hello, my name is Chloe and I am a self confessed animal lover! I have 2 dogs (springer spaniels, so absolutely insane), a cat, a chicken, a tortoise and 4 fish! I absolutely adore animals and would love to spend my spare time helping ...
Agnieszka, dog walking in Leicester

My name is Agnieszka I am polish national, who has recently relocated to England to live with my Irish partner. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated professional with extensive experience across various areas of customer services.
Manuela, animal boarding - LE1 Leicester

Hello, my name's Manuela and I'm nineteen years old. At the moment I don't have any pets as my dog passed away two years ago, sadly. I have had, however, pets my entire life. My parents had a dog of their own each, so since birth I was...
Daniela, dogsitter in Leicester LE1

I'm a portuguese girl that love animals. In my farm in Portugal, we have a lot of animals like seven dogs, five cats, two fishes, two birds and more. Since I was a child we always have animals, my mummy teach us that they need love, resp...
Lucy, dog walking in Glenfield

I'm Lucy! I'm a fun loving girl who adores animals, I am more than happy to feed and walk and just give them a bit of tlc to keep them going until their true loves come home to them!
Ollie, dog walking - LE1 Leicester

I am Ollie and I have many years experience in looking after animals whether it be dogs, cats or even snakes. I have had my dog since I was born 16 years ago so have grown up around her. I care about animals a lot and endeavour to take t...

Hello I am french native who have real passion for animals. I grow up with dogs at home and i always take care about my friend's ones when they are away from home i.e. holidays. I take a honor point to give them love and presence, go ...
Grace, dog walking in Glenfield

Hi I am a 15 year old girl who is looking for a job to do in her spare time. I have grown up with a love of animals as a lot of my family own them. In my house I have 3 dogs: a German shepherd, springer spaniel and a labradoodle which I ...
Luda, dog walking in England

Hi, I'm Luda and I'm a student at Leicester University. I will be starting my second year studying psychology this September 2018. I love pets and i had a dog - he was a Jack Russel called Robbie.
Nubia, dogsitter in Dane hills LE3

In Nubia Fife, I’ve always had pets for as long as I can remember. Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Hampstead, gerbils, bearded dragons, parrots, fishes, a dog and even stick insects! It’s safe to say I am very experienced when it comes to pets! My...
Jojo, dog walking - LE1 Leicester

I've got two cats and two one dog and am good with animals I use to do animal Care and I've lots of experience when dogs and cats I get long with anmail more then human and I make good barking noice I will take dog on long walks I even f...