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Inès, catsitting in Stoneygate LE5

Bonjour ! I am a French girl of 19 years old. I have just arrived in England with my family and I am looking for a small job. I don't speak very good English. (I have courses.) In France, I kept several times cats at home for several...
Ciara, dog walking - LE3 Braunstone

Hi, My name is Ciara and I'm 17 years old. I have a passion for all animals especially Dogs and Cats. I have a dog of my own named Zoey. She is a Jack Russell mixed with a Border Collie and she is 10 years old and absolutely gor...
Chloe, dog walking - LE1 Leicester

Hello, my name is Chloe and I am a self confessed animal lover! I have 2 dogs (springer spaniels, so absolutely insane), a cat, a chicken, a tortoise and 4 fish! I absolutely adore animals and would love to spend my spare time helping ...
Agnieszka, dog walking in Leicester

My name is Agnieszka I am polish national, who has recently relocated to England to live with my Irish partner. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated professional with extensive experience across various areas of customer services.
Manuela, animal boarding - LE1 Leicester

Hello, my name's Manuela and I'm nineteen years old. At the moment I don't have any pets as my dog passed away two years ago, sadly. I have had, however, pets my entire life. My parents had a dog of their own each, so since birth I was...
Daniela, dogsitter in Leicester LE1

I'm a portuguese girl that love animals. In my farm in Portugal, we have a lot of animals like seven dogs, five cats, two fishes, two birds and more. Since I was a child we always have animals, my mummy teach us that they need love, resp...
Lucy, dog walking in Glenfield

I'm Lucy! I'm a fun loving girl who adores animals, I am more than happy to feed and walk and just give them a bit of tlc to keep them going until their true loves come home to them!
Ollie, dog walking - LE1 Leicester

I am Ollie and I have many years experience in looking after animals whether it be dogs, cats or even snakes. I have had my dog since I was born 16 years ago so have grown up around her. I care about animals a lot and endeavour to take t...
Grace, dog walking in Glenfield

Hi I am a 15 year old girl who is looking for a job to do in her spare time. I have grown up with a love of animals as a lot of my family own them. In my house I have 3 dogs: a German shepherd, springer spaniel and a labradoodle which I ...
Nubia, dogsitter in Dane hills LE3

In Nubia Fife, I’ve always had pets for as long as I can remember. Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Hampstead, gerbils, bearded dragons, parrots, fishes, a dog and even stick insects! It’s safe to say I am very experienced when it comes to pets! My...
Jojo, dog walking - LE1 Leicester

I've got two cats and two one dog and am good with animals I use to do animal Care and I've lots of experience when dogs and cats I get long with anmail more then human and I make good barking noice I will take dog on long walks I even f...
Leila, host family for dog in Leicester LE1

I'm Leila, I'm a 20 year old student at the University of Leicester. I love animals and have had a wide variety of pets myself so am competent in animal care. In my home town, I often walk dogs and look after various pets when the own...
Sheena, dog walking in Leicester LE1

I love animals! I live in student accommodation, so obviously, can't keep any pets there, and it makes me miss my dogs and rabbits that I have back home!
Ella, dog walking - LE1 Leicester

Hey, I am a college student and have owned pets my whole life. My little Border Terrier is called Lotta and I have always loved dogs of all sizes, as well as fish, cats, birds and other pets.

Hello I am french native who have real passion for animals. I grow up with dogs at home and i always take care about my friend's ones when they are away from home i.e. holidays. I take a honor point to give them love and presence, go ...