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Petsitting Grimsby
Charlotte, dogsitter - DN34 Grimsby

I am currently a student about to start college in September, but will have a lot of free time. I have had a dog for 6 years, and also had a dog before then. He is a friendly black and white cockapoo, who I walk twice a day along the fie...
Yasmin, dog walking in Grimsby

My name is Yasmin . I am 16 years old and I'm looking for some extra pay. I love animals and have grown up with many different types as well as looking after families pets when they go away. Therefore an occasional or even a one off job...
Gemma, dog walking - DN34 Grimsby

hi am 32 i have a tortoise who 5 yrs old and he my baby, a staffy called pippin who think she a baby and trys to lay all over you and marine fish. i enjoy going for walks, i love being out in the fresh air and enjoy learning about...
Bridgett, animal boarding in Grimsby DN34

I love dogs and rabbits love to look after them am 15 am in year 11 after the school holidays :) had pets before and I have a dog called Tyson he is a staffy he is sofft and fussy and friendly I am afraid of spiders and dogs what bite. I...
Beth, dog walking - DN34 Grimsby

Hi, I'm Beth and am 19. I have 4 pets myself: dog, hamster and two chinchillas. While I lived at my old house I regular took someone's dog for walks and dog sat. I enjoy looking after animals and I am a huge animal lover.
Ellen, dog walking in Grimsby DN34

Hi, I am a 16 year old girl called Ellen, I have a dog off my own called Eddie and he is like my bestfriend, we have such a good connection, I take him for long walks every morning and night and we also go for jogs together, I have quite...
Jenny, dog walking in Grimsby

I have my own labrador so would be happy to walk another dog with him

Hi, I'm Midnight. I have a dog, Millie. 3 African Pygmy Hedgehogs Lola, Louie & Lila. I have a lot of experience with different dogs. I come into contact with several every day with families pets, friends and neighbours. ...

I am 17 years old, I will be going into my second year of College, studying Psychology and Health and Social Care. I have owned a dog since birth, they are my favourite animal. I previously had two Yorkshire Terrier's. I now have a fema...
Vicki, dog walking in Grimsby

I am a pet lover and I own 1 dog and 2 cats. I am happy to do dog walking

Hi my name is Sarah. I love animals and would be happy to help out anyone who requires help with their animals. I have owned lots of pets in my time, my most recent being a house rabbit called Percy!

I love looking after animals that are loving, I enjoy going on walks and i wouldn't happily mind taking your dog for a walk or looking after any of your other pets, just give me a call☺️

Im a very hard working person and i love being in the company of animals and people.