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Susan, animal boarding in Airdrie

I am an animal lover and have a jack Russell parson terrior of my own who loves to be kept active and two budjies who I saved they were very scared and timid when I got them but now they love nothing more than commin out and sittin besid...
Ellie, dog walking in Airdrie

I would like a job looking after an animal as I love animals they make me happy and I enjoy being around them. I have a dog of my own called Lexi who is 7 months I enjoy walking her and playing with her every day. I have 6 fish also and ...
Rachel, dog walking - G67 Cumbernauld

I love animals and dogs are especially my favorites i would be happy to visit animals reguraly and take them walks. I am kind and have a bubbly personality and would be willing to take on any tasks that i am given. I have two cats of my ...
Taylor, dog walking in Coatbridge ML5

Hi there my name is Taylor although my nickname is tay, i am 17 years old soon to be 18. I am a happy and outgoing person, i love to take my dogs out long walks in the park that is close to my house, i also love to be around my friends...
Eilish, dog walking in Bellshill ML4

I have my own border collie who I look after I also have experience with terripins and fish.
Emily, dog walking in Bellshill

I’m Emily and I’m 17, I have a shitzu named gizmo and he is 2 years old, he loves to play and go on really long walkes he is a really big part of my life.
Hayley, dog walking in Airdrie ML6

my name is hayley and I have grew up with animals all my life. i have two dogs, a Doberman and a cocker spaniel and have had several guinea pigs in the past. I also own two gerbils at the moment. I volunteer at a local dog training club...
Shauna, animal boarding in Wishaw

Hi there my name is Shauna and I am 22 years old. I am interested in looking after and walking dogs in my local area. I have a family dog of my own who is a black Labrador that is extremely friendly to all dogs. I have previously looke...

Hi I'm Hannah and I'm 15, this would be my first official paid job but I have plenty experience in working with animals. I have had many opportunities in looking after family members pets and I'm frequently at my grandparents house walki...
Katie, dog walking in Calderbank ML6

I am a pet owner myself with both a cat and dog i am 16 and i am free until september where i would have to be part time. I am very friendly and love animals i will walk play feed or another addition that needs to be made. Thank you.
Amy, animal boarding - ML6 Airdrie

Hi I'm Amy I'm 16 still a school student at St Margaret's high school have free time to spare willing to help out others. I have grown up with animals all my life I currently share a pet dog two cats I have regularly walked dogs for my n...

Hi my name is nicole and I am 15 I have had 3 dogs and a cat, I currently have a dog his name is Aston and he is 4, I love animals and love taking care of them and can take care of a large range of animals
Pat, host family for dog in Airdrie

I have been looking after pets since I was 12 years old. When friends or family needed pet sitting I was always happy to do so as I love animals. I now do it p/t to augment my childcare job which is 3 hrs a day in after school care. I ha...
Emma, animal boarding in Airdrie ML6

Hello my name is Emma and I am 17 years old, I love animals and have experience with cats, large and small dogs, and guine pigs and rabbits. I am currently at college a 10 minute walk away from my home, I am free before 9 am, for half an...
Gloria, dog walking in Motherwell ML1

I am currently a pupil at Dalziel High School. I am doing 5 highers.