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Nicky, dog walking in Weston-super-mare

Hi my name is Nicky and I have just moved here from Australia. I have a Diploma in Animal Care and specialize in marine mammals. Though I doubt anyone will need any Dolphins or Sea lions looking after. I am very much missing some d...
Bethany, dog walking in Weston-super-mare

My name is Bethany Rees, I am 17 years I live in weston super mare and I am very passionate about animal care. I have multiple animals of my own and have a wide variety of skills in looking after animals due to many occasions of looking...
Lyla, dog walking in Weston-super-mare

Hi there , I'm a mother of one who loves animals as does my little girl. Before having my little girl I looked after two boxers one puppy and it's mother , they were loveable dogs and made me love animals even more I have also had many c...
Teigan, dog walking in Weston-super-mare BS23

I'm Teigan-Jo. I'm very punctual and responsible. I have a dog of my own that I walk, play with, bath and comb and feed. My family regularly look after my mums friends dog in the holidays. My cousins and I used to have fish. I also used ...
Mollie, dog walking in St georges BS22

Hi! My name is Mollie, & I’m 20 years old. I have always had a deep love for animals of all kinds. I currently work full time at a kennels/rescue centre, where I care for animals ranging from the very obvious dogs of all kinds, all t...
Adele, dog walking in Weston-super-mare

My name is Adele , I am 18 years of age, I am currently the assistant manager of a small cafe in Weston super mare. I am looking to broaden my job roles. I love animals but don't have the qualifications to become a vet etc. So I am look...
Cloe, dog walking - BS23 Weston-super-mare

I have looked after different pets before including walking, feeding and paying attention to them.
Daisy, dog walking - BS24 Locking

Hi I’m a 14 year old girl looking to help people out by walking their dog. I adore animals and their cuteness and love making them feel happy. My family currently has a 3 year old Yorkshire terrier cross who is absolutely adorable but ve...
Ruby, dog walking in Weston-super-mare

I'm Ruby and I am currently studying music at Bridgwater college. I have always loved animals and when I was younger I desperately wanted to be a vet. I have a dog and a rabbit which I love very much. My dog is a very noisy and boisterou...
Nuria, dog walking in Weston-super-mare

I'm a young spanish students and I am in Weston-Super-Mare in order to improve my level english. Nowadays I have only two turtles, but I've had a yorshike terrier, cats, ducks, chicks, two hamsters and rabbits, in a different period o...
Nicole, dog walking in Weston-super-mare

I love animals, I love training and looking after them. I am free most evenings and weekends for dog walks etc.. I would like to think that I am very friendly, bubbly person! I do live in Uni Halls at the moment, but will be mov...
Lauren, dog walking in Weston-super-mare

Hi, My name is Laure and I am 17 years old
Roxanna, dog walking - BS23 Weston-super-mare

I am a dedicated, hardworking individual who loves animals and caring for pets. I love the kind nature animals have and the presence they bring to a home, it can change your mood and make you feel relaxed talking to your pet. I have had ...
Malwina, dog walking - BS23 Weston-super-mare

Hi! My name is Malwina, I am a 29 years old marine biologist and qualified animal nurse, currently working as an Aquarist. I am a huge animal lover with many years of experience working with domestic and wild animals. I am experienced wo...
Jocelyn, dog walking in Pill

I'm 15 and have a labrador of my own and love animals, I am a very active, sporty, young person and am able to also run with dogs if requested. Great with many different breeds.