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Katie, dog walking in Poole

I am friendly, approachable person with leaps and bounds of energy and a caring personality. I currently have a Jack Russell called Alfie who has some behavioural issue and lives with family member and so will therefore not be walked wi...
Kirsty, dog walking in Poole

Currently I am a full-time student at college. I am looking for any odd jobs to after college. I love animals and use to have several cats and rabbits. My family members have dogs and i have helped look after them and taken them on walks...
Parys, dog walking in Waterloo BH17

Hello! My name is Parys. I work in Childcare and have a keen interest and love for animals. I have experience in pet sitting and dog walking and have many pets of my own. I have always had pets, all through my life and can't imagine my...
Kayleigh, dogsitter in Poole BH15

Hi, I'm Kayleigh I'm 17 years old and have had pets all my life, from fish and hamsters to dogs and cats, I have animal sat for neighbours in the past.
Allannah, dog walking - BH15 Poole

Hi I'm Allannah. I am 17 years old and I'm a trustworthy and sensible girl. My dad has always breaded Rottweiler's so I have been around dogs my whole entire life. In our family dogs are family too. I always take my Rottweiler out on wal...
Brienne, dog walking in Poole BH15

I have got experience of looking after animals and have had lots of my own such as dogs, snakes, tortoises, lizards, cats and birds. i enjoy looking after the animals and to my best to make sure they have what they need. i love taking do...
Ellen, dog walking in Poole

My name is Ellen and I am 18 years old. I have a lot of experience with family pets, where I have walked my family members dogs and stayed at their houses to look after them. Whilst growing up I had a lot of pets myself, including rabbit...
Rhiannon, dogsitter in Poole BH15

My name is Rhiannon and im 16 years old. I love animals and have previous experience of having owned and looked after, bearded dragons, snakes, fish, dogs, cats, horses, fish etc.
Katherine, host family for dog in Poole BH15

I am an animal lover and have grown up in farm environments and my family and i have always had a passion for caring for pets and giving them the best life they can have. I understand that pet owners have busy lives and still want the be...
Stacey, dog walking in Poole

My name is Stacey I am sixteen years old and I love animals. I have wo dogs, springer spaniels called Lucky and Louie, I have also had several hamsters growing up, my most recent was hopper, I called her this cause she just hoped arou...
Mireia, host family for dog in Poole BH15

Hello, my name is Mireia . I'm spanish lady, 32 year old. I'm here (In England) since 18 months ago. I'm looking for a job with pets because I love them! I have experience because all my life I had pets.
Freya, dog walking in Poole BH15

I have three cats, and I love dogs, I love all animals and I'm happy to help
Livvy, dog walking - BH15 Poole

My name is Livvy, I am 21 years old and I love, love , love animals! I have two house bunnies which live in my bedroom, cage free :) They are my own pets but I also have family pets in the house including 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 turtles! I...
Emma, dog walking - BH15 Poole

My name is Emma, I'm 27and live in Poole, Dorset. I have always had animals ranging from dogs, cats, birds, horses, hamsters, rats, mice, fish..... I am available to help you look after them if you go away on holiday and I am also...
Elise, dog walking in Poole BH15

My names Elise I'm 15 years old I love to look after and care for all types of animals .I have no current pets but I have had many in the past I've had a parrot 2 bearded dragons many fish and a dog . I'm very flexible and will always ...