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Megan, dog walking in Portsmouth

Hello, My name is Megan and I am an animal lover! I personally have a guinea pig called Fluffy who I adore! He is the best little furbaby I could wish for! When we first rescued him he was extremely shy and quiet, always hiding and avoiding human contact. After a few weeks of loving care however he came out of his shell and is now the noisiest little boy in the world. For such as small little creature he has the biggest personality which we adore. He yells for his breakfast the second h...
Chloe, dog walking in Portsmouth

I love pets, I have myself 3 cats in France and I've always had pets since I was small. I took care of dogs and cats for some friends. But I have also be around of other animals as rodents, fishes, and birds.
Zoe, dog walking in Portsmouth

growing up I have had a huge amount of experience looking after mostly cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, fish and also horses. (horses are my favorite animal as my hobbies: i love horse ridding and grooming, along with fitness, swimming and running. I currently have no pets in my 2 bed flat (in old Portsmouth) but from time to time i look after my neighbors dog and also other clients cats and dogs when needed.
Sara, dogsitter in Portsmouth

Hello, I am Sara! I am currently studying in Portsmouth and I couldn not bring my cat Vincent to share this experience with me so I am looking for other pets to spend time with and look after. I am an animal lover who loves spending time with animals and cares very much about their well-being.
Alexandra, dog walking in Portsmouth

I love animals. I grew up surrounded by animals. I could say that I have a little zoo. I have a parrot, a turtle, 4 dogs. I would be happy to take care of your pet.
Rosie, dog walking in Portsmouth PO5

I love animals. I feel like I’m experienced at pet sitting as I’ve had many different pets throughout my life. It’s just strange being away from my parents away from having any animals in my live. I’ve owned dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, a parrot, many many many different types of fish and even a leopard gecko! I would be nice to be able to pet sit as it’s a nice opportunity for me to be around more animals. Currently I have a rabbit called Bonnie who lives at my mums. M...
Larissa, dog walking - PO5 Portsmouth

Hi, I'm Larissa and I absolutely love animals. I grew up on a farm with several different animals to look after and had most of my live cats and dogs around me. I also grew up closely with my Auntie which is a Vet and learned a lot about animals. As I always had an interested and love for animals I do have a wide knowledge but mostly love & care for them. I love to pet a lot and as well give your animal the right care, nutrition and exercises needed. I can offer different services to look...
Danielle, host family for dog in Portsmouth

I am enthusiastic and active witha life long passion for animals. I understand that leaving your pet behind whilst at work or away can be a worrying and sometimes distressing time, therefore I aim to make your pets time with meas fun and interesting as possible. I hold years of personal experience, growing up surrounded by farmland I have had the opportunity to care for, rear and love a variety of animals from reptiles, livestock and different size and shape pets. I currently have a tortoise...

iv been a house keaper dog walker pet sitter cleaner for over 9 years looking after my disbod husbord looking after family frends homes doing dog walks house sitting looking after old ladys and gents of fends of mine can have pets to stay in my home too iv been doing over the 9 years.
Rosie, dog walking in Portsmouth

I have worked in a variety of backgrounds including a Customer Service Associate, Teaching Assistant and a Cover Supervisor. These have really given me the opportunity to broaden my field of expertise. I am a very bubbly person with a 'can-do' attitude.
Ellie-may, dog walking - PO5 Portsmouth

I'm Ellie, i have just turned 18 and finished my A levels at Peter Symonds College in Winchester. I am aspiring to become a primary school teacher after my gap year next year. I love animals and have grown up around dogs. I have a springerlab called Roise who is 6 and unfortunately my golden retriever of 13 Bramble passed away recently. My boyfriend owns horses and i regularly go with him to feed and take care of them. This includes feeding, grooming and cleaning their living ares.
Shannon, dog walking in Portsmouth PO5

I have had pets for my entire life and love animals. I understand that it may be difficult to provide them with company/ walks when on holiday, at work or visiting family and friends and am happy to relieve your stress by caring for them to a high standard when you aren’t available.
Stephanie, dog walking - PO5 Portsmouth

My name is Stephanie and I am currently studying a degree in Psychology and the University of Portsmouth. I would live to earn some money to live on and since I have grown up with pets I believe this would be a good opportunity. At my family home we have a dog, two cats, and two rabbits. However in the past we have had fish and ducks. I have looked after other family members pets when they have gone on holiday which include a mixture of birds (e.g. parrot). I am happy to look after these...

My name is Maryam Mohammed , I am currently studying a foundation course in the university of Nottingham. I have an experience with pet car because back home where I'm from we have dogs and we had a cat. I'm a Muslim from Nigeria and I will be in Portsmouth for the break. I will be staying with my sister.
Kellie, dog walking in Portsmouth PO5

Hi, My name is Kellie . I'm 20 years of age, currently studying at the university of Portsmouth. I have a dog myself, my cousin has her own dog salon business which i have worked with her on many occasions. I'm a dog lover and would love to get the opportunity to work with dogs on a daily basis.
Emma, dog walking in Portsmouth

I am an honest and reliable 23 year old living in the Portsmouth area. I am an enthusiastic and friendly animal lover. I have experience caring for my friends and family's pet and have a rapport with animals of all shapes and sizes. I have personal experience with caring for dogs, cats, rabbits and rats. I understand the most important thing an animal needs is love and attention but enjoy taking dogs on interesting and stimulating walks. I am flexible and looking for full and part time work, ...
Crystal, dog walking in Portsmouth

My name is crystal I am 19 years old. I have had a few pets in my time mainly dogs I currently have 3 dogs 1 that lives with me and 2 that live at my boyfriends I have a chug (chihuahua/ pug) called Lola, A Westie called molly and an English bulldog called Betty.
Carla, dog walking in Portsmouth PO5

Hello I'm Carla . I'm 18 years off age. I am in college studying hospitality and catering 2 a week. I have one dog called Rex. He is a German shepherd he is 5 years of age. I have had him since he was 9 weeks old. I have created a close bond with him and I love him greatly. I have taught him every trick he knows. I have a love for all animals.
Molly, dog walking - PO5 Portsmouth

Hello! My name is Molly, I am 17 years old and go to College in Portsmouth. I have had many pets in my past, but sadly they passed away. I am very good with animals, and enjoy looking after them. In the past I looked after 2 dogs named Hazel and Henry, and enjoyed it very much. I am very flexible after college and on weekends. Also holidays, I am extremely flexible on holidays. I will happily look after your pet whenever it is needed. I can also offer to keep your house as clean as you l...
Danielle, dog walking in Portsmouth PO5

Hello my name is Danielle I'm 21 I have a dog called Bella a cat called stuwie and a leopard gecko called Dora I also look after my nans dogs called bonnie and patch I've also kept a corn snake a pac-man frog dart frogs and a crested gecko.
Raquel, dog walking in Portsmouth PO5

Buenos tardes/días, me llamo Raquel y me encantaría hacerme cargo de su mascota si así le precisa. Adoro los animales, sobre todo los perros. Sin embargo, en mi casa cuento con un gato que lleva con nosotros ya dos años. En casa es muy querido y mimado por todos. Anteriormente he cuidado de algunos perros por períodos muy cortos y me gustaría repetir la experiencia.
Gabriela, dog walking in Portsmouth

Hello! I am currently a full time student at University of Portsmouth. I would describe myself as a patient, dedicated and hard working person who embraces new challenges. I enjoy spending time with animals and I am always looking forward to taking care of them.
Lisa, dog walking in Portsmouth PO5

I have a big love for animals. I've grown up around dogs and am recently more in contact with cats as well. I have volunteered at a bunny sanctuary for a summer when i was about 12 years old. I enjoy spending time, playing and learning new tricks to animals. because I rent i am not able to have any pets of myself at the moment and i deeply miss the furry friends in my life, so i hope this will be a way for me to still have them around me without having one myself.

Hello. I am first year student at the University of Portsmouth. Looking for part-time work and available afternoons, evenings, weekends. Since childhood I have been dog lover and as there was no posibility to get a doggy in our family I used to walk neighbours and friends dogs... I used to have my own pets - rabbit, hamster and fishes. I am very experienced in babysitting but it is just to ensure I am able to manage hectic or stressful situation (which im sure will not occur) :)
Sharon, dog walking in Portsmouth

Hello, My name is Sharon, I am 28, I signed up to this site for childcare, but I love animals. I have been a pet- sitter before, two cats in the persons's home. I have experience with a wide range of animals, having at times owned snakes, lizards, giant African snails, gerbils, fish, terrapins, birds, hamsters and dogs. I also have experience with horses- feeding, grooming, mucking out ect...
Samantha, dog walking in Portsmouth

Hi all, I am a University student studying Childhood and Youth Studies. I grew up with a black Labrador cross Dalmatian, owned and rode a horse, and currently have three cats so I'm very comfortable with animals. Back at home (Cambridge), my mum runs a dog walking and sitting service which I occasionally helped with before I moved.
Lucy, dog walking - PO5 Portsmouth

Hello, Im Lucy, I am 19 years old and study Photography at the University of Portsmouth. I have owned animals for many years. including hamsters, rabbits and cats. I have also looked after and walked dogs in my neighbourhood. From the age of 13 I have worked on a horse yard caring for over 30 horses! I also have ABRS level 1 to 3 in Stable Management and Level 1 Riding.
Manuela, animal boarding - PO5 Portsmouth

Hi! I am Manuela.. Unfortunately I can have my own dog therefore I would love to take care of yours and spend nice time with them :) Please feel free to contact me. Thanks, Manu.
Quang, dog walking - PO5 Portsmouth

I'm a master student and I own both dog and cat in the past.
Nisha, dog walking - PO5 Portsmouth

I have looked after family and friends pets whilst they are unable to due to work or holidays. I have two cats of my own and I'm very passionate about them. I enjoy being around animals especially cats and dogs.