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Cristina, dog walking in Reading RG1

Hello! I’m 24 years old, I came one year ago from Spain. I love animals and I have lot of experience with them. I’ll be happy to give them some walks if you can’t do it or whatever you need me to help to make them happy and being good care! If you have any question please feel free to ask me as much as you need, you’ll be welcome! Kind regards!
Matilda, dog walking in Reading RG6

Hi I'm Tilly, I'm 17 years old an have a real passion for animals. We have three lovely cats that I look after and I am used to walking dogs solo, I would always show plenty of love and ensure your pet is treated exactly as It should be! I am used to providing medication for animals , walking, cleaning litter strays, ensuring the animal has gone to the toilet and checking that no I'll health is cropping up. I am a safe pair of hands to trust your precious pet with.
Valeria, dog-sitter in Reading RG1

my whole life i have taken care of pets, I have three dogs, 5 turtles, fish, I used to have hamsters, birds. Because of my love for animals all my family and neighbours left me taking care of their pets when they had to go on holiday, or if by any chance the had to leave home for longer periods of time. Many times I found astray dogs that were very sick or malnourished and took them home with me, I took them to the vets and paid for all the expenses.
Valéria, dogsitter in Reading RG6

I have at home one dog and little hedgehog. Before I had bird, rabbit, fish, mouse, hamster, guinea pig and tortoise.
Courtney, dog walking - RG1 Reading

Hi, My name is Courtney. I am 17 years old and love animals I have had dogs from the day a was born, I have also had rabbits and hamsters Currently I have a black Labrador who is 2 years old named smudge, he is well behaved and trained by me. I would love to help out with your animals as animals are a big part of my life
Kallum, dog walking in Reading RG6

As a pet lover, i would love the opportunity to care for your loved ones. I have experience in house sitting and dog watching I have perviously had pet fish. I currently have a family dog and occasionally care for various friends pets as they holiday. I am trust worthy and reliable I can provide references and a fully enhanced DBS. I have had pervious jobs in which I have been a key holder and have been in positions of trust. I look forward to hearing from you should you have an...
Ella, animal boarding in Reading

Hello my name is Ella and I am 21 years old. I Love animals and I have a lot of free time as I am studying. If you are going on holiday I can pet sit your pet, dog walking, feeding and grooming. I have had pets all my life and have experience with pets. hope to hear from you soon, Ella :)
Megan, dog walking in Reading RG6

Hi there, my name is Megan! I am a first year student at the university of Reading! I am an enthusiastic and sporty person who enjoys walking and looking after pets! Back at home I have one dog, a 10 year old black Labrador called Monty! I always enjoyed walking him and love spending time with pets! I would love to hear from you!
Emily, dogsitter - RG1 Reading

I love dogs and previously had my own. I’ve grown up around pets and just find them really good companions. I am available for any type of work to do with animals.
Summer, dog walking - RG1 Reading

I'm summer and I'm 17 I love animals and I'm currently studying animal management at BCA college Maidenhead which requires the care of all sorts of animals so I have experience in that, I also own a dog and have my own fish, Ive also previously owned hamsters and a cat so I know the care they require.
Endija, dog walking in Reading

My name is Endija. I am 22 years old and i am from Latvia. I am huge animal lover. I do have bullmastiff cross staff 8 months old puppy. Plus i have a cat back in Latvia. I have been attacked by a big dog, so i do have a fear of big dogs.

Hi I'm Amie , A mother of one 18 year old beautiful daughter, one springer spaniel and 3 Horses . I love to be around animals and know lots about having and looking after Horses , Dogs and cats as I've had them around me since childhood. I am clean , tidy and organised and love to see everyone in my family happy . I have looked after my friends pets before and have a secure garden and I drive . I'm fit heathy and happy . What more could I want .
Oceane, dog walking - RG1 Reading

Hello! I'm Oceane and I'm French. I'm currently an aupair in Caversham park and I live with a family who has a 6-months-old puppy called Lulu. Usually, I walk her, feed her, play with with her and give her a lot of cuddles !! I never took care of any dogs before but I've been here for 4 months now, so I think I would be able to look after your dog too ! Looking forward to hearing from you :)
Kimberley, dog walking in Reading RG1

Hiya! My name is Kimberley I come from Kenya and I love dogs! I have 4 dogs and 4 horses at home and I'd love a mini pony or a pig! I've had dogs ever since I was little and love all kinds of dogs; big, small, fluffy you name it! It would be amazing to be a dog walker! Dogs and exercise are just the best! Can't wait to hear from you!

Hi, I’m Sophie. I’m an avid cat lover, I’ve been around them for all of my life (21 years). I’ve also looked after cats of my friends and family so am an experienced cat sitter. I’m a postgrad student at Reading so have some free time to look after your cats.

my name is Mihaela, I am from Romania and I love animals very much, words are poor to describe, looking forward to hear from you beautiful people.
Anna, animal boarding - RG6 Reading

Hi, I love animals of all shapes and sizes and would love to be able to assist you with yours. I've done house and pet sitting for many years and enjoy playing, running and snuggling. I've also been blessed to own a huge variety of pets including reptiles, dogs, cats, rodents, birds and even my own pig. Rates negotiable and have own transportation

I have worked at a vets for three years and been a dog walker on the side for a year. I have 2 dogs and a cat, and love animals!