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Megan, animal boarding in Southampton SO15

Hi, my names Megan, I am 17 and currently doing my A Levels. I have had previous experience of looking after pets, this is because I have owned a dog and looked after him by, taking him out for walks, feeding him, basic training and grooming. I have a medium sized home with space to explore and my garden is long and is mostly grass. I have a large amount of places to walk the pets near my home such as parks that have plenty of space for a good run. Furthermore, I can drive so I can drive the...
Miroslava, dog walking in Southampton

Hello, I think I am besr person for you. I love animals And I have lot of free time :-) Don't be afraid to contact me :-)
Andreia Marisa, dog walking in Southampton SO15

I am 22 years old portuguese girl and all my life I have been in love with pets and lived with them. I am a dog lover but still love all kind of pets except bugs hahaha. I love the Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan and I have read one of his books. Just like him I believe that patience is the most important thing when dealing with animals as well as educating them, create boundaries and give them a lot of love and affection I have a lot of experience walking my family dogs and educate them and lo...
Ana, dog walking in Southampton

Hi, my name is Ana. I'm 18 years old and I'm from Portugal currently living in Southampton to study Film Production at Solent university. Working as a pet sitter is the perfect job for me for as I've done it before with neighbours and friends' animals. I grew up surrounded by animals, of all kinds. Since cats and dogs to pigs and chickens and know how to take care of each of them. I own a cat, Simba, a dog named Jasper, a bunny whose name is Princess and a beautiful yellow canary. Before ...
Gupsharan, dog walking in Southampton SO15

i love pet in my life time i have had two hamsters, fishs, a rabbit and currently have four dogs.
Ellisha, dog walking in Southampton SO15

Hello I am Ellisha . I am 21 years old and i live in Southampton. I have 3 pets 1 cat her name is pixie and I have 2 dogs rocky, dobby. They are my world and I don't look at them as pets they are family. I am trustworthy and have much experience with animals. I do offer boarding for an indoor animal as recently I moved into a flat and had to leave my two dogs with my mother as I didn't think it was fair for them. Pixie is new to the family and she loves having a big 2 bedroom flat to herself...
Shelby, dog walking in Southampton SO15

my names shelby in 16 i have my own dogs that i take out every day absoloutly love walking my dogs and would love to make an inprovment to your families pets too!
Virgini, dog walking in Southampton

Dear family. My name is Virginia, I am 24 years old and I am a student in Madrid. I am currently looking for a job as Pet Care that can combine with my studies and give me extra money, since I am in a shared apartment in Madrid. I consider myself a responsible, punctual, affectionate person with animals. I have always liked all kinds of animals from the most everyday to the most exotic. Since I was a child I have had animals in my care. My first pet was a bird I call Tweety, it was a ver...
Natalia, dog walking in Southampton

I am a confident horse riding 16 year old girl. I have a cat and a horse of my own and have owned gerbils, rats, dogs, cats, fish and birds of my own in the past. I absolutely adore animals and clearly have a vast deal of experience. I am trustworthy, responsible and caring. I have no problem looking after animals I haven't any experience in, I am confident, and as long as someone explains what to do briefly, I am a quick learner and very attentive, so can do what is requested.
Jessica, dog walking in Southampton SO15

HI! Im Jessica, im 20 and i'm a uni student. I have one pet labrador, called Max! We've had him for years and I love any kind of animal.
Rozanna, dog walking - SO15 Southampton

I love all pets and want to treat animals with the care they need. I have lots of experience of working with animals from volunteering at the local farm since I was 3 years old so I know how to look after animals and what care the they need. I have previously had 2 dogs and as a family we used to help train guide dogs. As family pets we have also had / have chickens, rabbits, Guinea pigs, stick insects and fish.
Olivia, dog walking in Southampton

Hi, I'm Olivia and I love everything to do with animals. I've grown up with labradors and cats and feel so comfortable around all different breeds. Since being away at university I've missed my pets a lot, so I thought why not look after other people's whilst I am away? Thanks for reading :)
Africa, dogsitter - SO15 Southampton

I love the pets and I have experience because I have a staffy in my own house 7 month ago.
Charlotte, animal boarding in Southampton

Hi my name is charlotte i am 22 i habe a lot of experiance in animal care. I studdied at spasholt college in animal care. I love animals and looking after them. My duties during college was handeling, cleaning, feeding, walking, helth checks and grooming. I have a cat whitch is 4 years old. He is a very caring and loving boy. Being around animals make me feel at home i love to care and meet the needs of care for any animals. A happy animal is what makes me smile.
Sharon, dog walking in Southampton SO15

Looking to do some dog walking/home visits for extra pocket money

Hi my name is Polly and I have recently left high school and I am eager to find a job. I have flexible hours up until September where I start college so may hours may start to change. I haven't had experience in permitting before, but I do own a dog, do am experienced in looking after dogs, and love doing so. I enjoy looking after animals so I think being a pet sites will be a perfect opportunity as I will be being played for something I enjoy doing. Thank you for your time and I hope yo...
Deven, host family for dog in Southampton

My name is Deven I am 16 years old. I have 3 cats called milly, maddie and morph. I have had other cats in the pass but they sadly passed. I have also have had fish which lived for over a year. I have also walked family dogs.
Casey, dog walking - SO15 Southampton

Names Casey 23 from NZ , have had pets my whole life as I lived on a life style block. Competitive horse riding... Also have a dog back home that I take for runs
Autilia, dog walking - SO15 Southampton

Current cat owner and lover of all animals. Very active so happy to walk and exercise pets. Currently work school hours so have plenty of time after work to take car of pets . Please feel free to contact myself and ask any questions of need be.

hi I'm wiola . I have two kids and they love animals too. Walking with pets and playing with them is very important . and I love animals . I'm ver realiable and trustworthy person.
Naomi, dog sitter in Southampton

hello, im Naomi, im 21 years old. I have two dogs, a cat, a hamster and some fish. I love most animals and enjoy caring for them.
Frida, animal boarding in Southampton

Hi future family, I am a Swedish business student looking for a part time job as I study full time at Solent Uni. Contact me for further information and I would love to tell you more about myself. Looking forward hearing from you!

I love dogs and I can do with the company to get myself active again. I have owned dogs in the past and raised them from birth to passing hopefully by caring for someone else's animal I can gain the confidence to adopt an animal of my own.

Im helpful and can do anything to help