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Jennifer, dog walking in Stockton-on-tees

18 year old girl who will be moving away in September for university, I love animals and have currently got 2 dog, Charlie a 3 year old boxer and Tess a 2 year old terrier. Both are very happy livly dog with great personalities. I have...
Owen, dog walking in Stockton-on-tees

Hello! My name is Owen, I'm a 17 year old student living in Stockton-on-Tees. I'm doing this to save money for university, as well as get money to spend on things I enjoy now. I'm free most days after 3, and every day after 4:30, and I c...
Tilly, host family for dog in Stockton-on-tees

Hello I'm Tilly and for starters i love animals i really do i have had so many animals i have had dogs birds hamsters guinea pigs fish I have a bird now named Alfie he is a Cockatiel and i take care or him and i make sure he ge...
Jessie, dog walking - TS19 Stockton-on-tees

I have my own dog who I walk regularly, therefore I am comfortable with it. This also means I know enough about dogs to look after them responsibly. I love all types of dogs also. I am an avid walker myself and therefore enjoy the experi...
Lucy, animal boarding in Thornaby-on-tees

Hello, my name is Lucy, I'm 16 and I've just finished Secondary School and completed my GCSE's. I have a lot of free time over the summer and I would love spending it helping others. I'm obsessed with animals! My house is full, I have 2 ...
Amy, dog walking in Stockton-on-tees TS19

Since i have pets myself i am great with animals and have a great deal of experience with them, i can walk, feed and clean them if needed.
Abbie, dog walking in Stockton-on-tees TS19

Hi, I am Abbie, I'm 20 years old and looking for some work in pet sitting/walking. I'm very reliable, friendly, honest and caring. I am currently completing my nursing training at Teesside University and specialising in mental health nur...
Dobai, dog walking in Thornaby-on-tees

I am an au-pair now but at home I have a dog so I have experience with animals
Caitlin, dog-sitter - TS19 Stockton-on-tees

Hi my name is Caitlin Wase, I am 19 years old. I am looking for a family that needs someone to watch their pets. I have two cats and 2 dogs. I take my dogs out every day for a walk. I play with my cats and enjoy playing with them and tak...
Maureen, host family for dog - TS17 Thornaby-on-tees

Well all about me I Have a small dog and fish my beArdird dragon sadly passed away
Maria Alexandra, animal boarding in Thornaby-on-tees

My name is Alexandra and I am a 17 years old health and social care student. I just finished my level 2 extended diploma in health and social care. I love animals and I enjoy their presence. I currently have 2 dogs (1 Shi-tzu and 1 Bicho...
Paige, host family for dog in Stockton-on-tees

hello im paige and i am 16 years old. my home has all kinds of activity spots for pets to play in.
Jess, dog walking - TS19 Stockton-on-tees

Since the age of 8 I have had my own dog, a Shih Tzu X King Charles Spaniel called Mia, whom I have been responsible for. When I moved out my family home I took her with me and have since also got a hamster. For the past 10 years I have ...
Emma, dog walking - TS17 Thornaby-on-tees

My name is Emma, I'm 16 and I have 2 dogs, a Lakeland terrier called Mindy and a springer spaniel called Bella. I also have fish in a pond outside and I have a rabbit called Alice. Me and my family take turns feeding all of the animals a...
Garry, dog walking - TS19 Stockton-on-tees

im needing a bit of extra money to supplement my current job.i love animals and this seems like a ideal way to earn some extra cash