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Ashley Rose, dog walking - EH53 Mid calder

Hello my name is Ashley Rose , I am 16 and a half years old and in my last year of High School starting August, I attend James Young High School. I would like to show my capability of being able to look after a pet by helping other famil...
Louise, dog walking in Livingston

I dearly love animals and wish to look after them every day for the rest of my life. I especially enjoy cats, dogs and any other fluffy best friend you may have. I require that the pet be friendly, of course. I love to cuddle and play...
Sonja, dog walking in Livingston

22-years old Finnish environmental graduate, who has moved to Livingston to be with his partner. I am currently waiting to hear from a job and therefore I am available to look after and walk animals anytime, during week and weekends. ...
Angelika, dog walking in Livingston

I'm a dog person, and I would love to take any dogs on a walk. I used to have a dog but sadly we had to sell him as we were moving and we couldn't take him with us. I enjoy walking no matter what weather it is, snow, rain or wind doesn't...
Louise, animal boarding in Blackburn

Hi, My names Louise , I'm 31 married with 4 kids, who are now all at school. I am a huge animal lover with experience with Bullmastifs, labradors, newfoundlands, retrievers, Cocker spaniels, lahasa apsos, huskies and collies. I al...
Annaya, dog walking in Livingston EH54

My name is Annaya I am 16 years old, I am a very responsible person, who will take care of your animals like I take care of both my cat and dog.
Becca, dog walking in Livingston EH54

Hi there, I'm Becca. I love animals and as a nanny, I have also looked after a dog who was in the family home at the same time. I have a cat called Shelley. I'm not really a 'cat' or 'dog' person. I just love animals in general! I am ver...
Ruth, dog walking - EH53 East calder

I'm Ruth, I'm 17 years old and although I don't have any professional experience in caring for animals, I have gained a lot of experience pretty much since the day I was born! I am completely in love with animals and have had cats my ent...
Hannah, dog walking in Ecclesmachan

Hi I'm Hannah, 22 from Broxburn. Just looking for something different and new. Grew up with 3 dogs, walked them with my dad until I was old enough to walk, feed, groom and play with them myself, sadly they past away. Had fish my whole li...
Deli, host family for dog - EH54 Livingston

I very love the dogs because I have got I small little dog who she is with me every time when I am in home and my little kind dog is 15 years old and she is with me all life.
Tayler, dog walking in Livingston

My name is Tayler and I am 17 years old. I love to look after animals. I had a dog for 10 years and I loved it. I especially loved taking her out for walks. I also have experience with cats as many of my family members have them.
Aidie, dog walking in Mid calder EH53

I am able to dedicate myself full-time to caring for the dog/cat/rodent towards the end of July. I will work hard and make sure they receive the proper care. I have had the opportunity to work with several animals before, specifical...
Rachel, animal boarding in Longridge

I'm a 19 year old student. I have had pets all my life and have a lot of experience with a variety of animals. I currently have my own dog and have had horses and many small rodents.
Fraser, dog walking - EH49 Linlithgow

Hey, I am Fraser, currently I am 17 years of age turning 18 in September. I own 3 cats all outdoors called Charlie who is a few years old and then Misty and pringles who are still kittens. Over the years I have had various amounts of fis...

I'm Megan, a young girl who is enthusiastic about animals. I am still in education and looking to work with children when I leave school. I have a dog called Caleb. Caleb is a 2 year old, fun loving staffie. He enjoys walks by himself or...