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Fiona, dog walking in Downton

I have a dog of my own (in my profile picture) whom I walk everyday. He is a boisterous boy, who has just turned one. I also take care of my grandparents dog, he is just two and there has always been a dog at home, therefore I am experie...
Holly, dog walking in Calne SN11

My name is holly I am 18 years old, I have two dogs currently and a cat and some fish. The dogs I own are a patadle cross poodle as well as a pure breed springer spaniel. Ones a male and ones a female I take for walks daily either for ...
Jamie, dog walking - SN13 Box

Hi, I'm Jamie and I'm 18 years old. I have recently moved to England from South Africa and am looking for a part-time or full-time job. I am a very reliable, honest, bubbly, hard working and energetic person and I feel I would be a gre...
Dara, host family for dog in Chippenham SN15

I have always loved looking after animals. I currently have 8 dogs and a ferret but have had rabbits and cats in the past. I enjoy walking dogs.
Akasha, dog walking in Trowbridge

i just love pets i have some fish and two cats of my own and i know what it is like to go a way and have to put my trust in some one to look after my 2 girls and my bloke fish so i know who you can fell on putting your trust in me but i ...
Amber, dog walking in Bishopstone

I am 16 years old and have lots of pets of my own so am very capable of looking after animals. I have 9 guinea pigs, lots of fish, a hamster and a cat. I also love walking dogs and walk all my neighbours dogs. I have dog sat before for f...
Jessica, dog walking in Staverton BA14

I'm jessica, im 15, from trowbridge looking for a part time job.. near or in trowbridge
Jasmine, dog walking - SP1 Salisbury

My name is Jasmine , I'm 15 almost 16 and looking for a small job to do around my area looking after animal. I am great with animals as I wish to be a veterinary surgeon when I am older and I currently work as a vet nurse in a local s...
Chelsea, dog walking in Downton SP5

I am 20 years old, my name is Chelsea. I have a dog of my own, who loves to go on dog walks with other dogs, I love any animals, but unfortunately cannot get close to cats due to me having asthma, it sets it off. I have looked after ani...
Amy, dog walking - SN6 Cricklade

Hi, I'm Amy and I'm 16 years old. I have many pets and have previously had more! I've got 3 large dogs, 5 fully grown cats and 3 kittens and two chinchilla's. Previous animals I have also had are fish, snakes, bearded dragons, ducks, rab...
Katy, dog walking in Worton SN10

Hello! My name is Katy and thank you for looking at my profile. I have had pets around me all of my life (there were 3 dogs, 7 cats and some fish in the family already when I came along!) and absolutely adore animals. I have recent...
Kira-marie, dog walking in Trowbridge

I have myself 2 kittens and fish. Which are a handful but love them to bits. I also walk my nans dog daily for 30 mins which we do about mile and a half. He loves it as he runs around. I have a level 3 qualification in animal care. Which...
Faye, dog walking - BA12 Stockton

I'm Faye . Full time house wife for my fiancée and our two greyhounds. I've always loved animals and jump to any chance I can to be there, look after or even give affection to any animal. I don't care if it's a horse, snake, rabbit or d...
Angela, dog walking in Salisbury SP1

I'm Angela and want to gain opportunities to sit animals, or walk dogs, and help with horses. I am a horse lover and do not own one. I grew up with dogs and have a love for animals. I am patient, kind and caring.
Amber, dog walking in Hilperton

I am a warm and welcoming 16 year old girl who adores animals and I have had experience looking after my own. I make sure they have food and water and are looked after properly and have all the necessary needs and I love to take them for...