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Tracey, dog walking - SN4 Bushton

I have a few pets of my own dogs, cats, chickens and rabbits. I have looked after a few pets to date from cats and rabbits whilst people are away to dog walks whilst people are at work. I’m flexible reliable and will supply photos whilst...
Fiona, dog walking in Downton

I have a dog of my own (in my profile picture) whom I walk everyday. He is a boisterous boy, who has just turned one. I also take care of my grandparents dog, he is just two and there has always been a dog at home, therefore I am experie...
Jamie, dog walking - SN13 Box

Hi, I'm Jamie and I'm 18 years old. I have recently moved to England from South Africa and am looking for a part-time or full-time job. I am a very reliable, honest, bubbly, hard working and energetic person and I feel I would be a gre...
Holly, dog walking in Calne SN11

My name is holly I am 18 years old, I have two dogs currently and a cat and some fish. The dogs I own are a patadle cross poodle as well as a pure breed springer spaniel. Ones a male and ones a female I take for walks daily either for ...
Akasha, dog walking in Trowbridge

i just love pets i have some fish and two cats of my own and i know what it is like to go a way and have to put my trust in some one to look after my 2 girls and my bloke fish so i know who you can fell on putting your trust in me but i ...
Jessica, dog walking in Staverton BA14

I'm jessica, im 15, from trowbridge looking for a part time job.. near or in trowbridge
Jasmine, dog walking - SP1 Salisbury

My name is Jasmine , I'm 15 almost 16 and looking for a small job to do around my area looking after animal. I am great with animals as I wish to be a veterinary surgeon when I am older and I currently work as a vet nurse in a local s...
Chelsea, dog walking in Downton SP5

I am 20 years old, my name is Chelsea. I have a dog of my own, who loves to go on dog walks with other dogs, I love any animals, but unfortunately cannot get close to cats due to me having asthma, it sets it off. I have looked after ani...
Abigail, dog walking - SN15 Chippenham

I am 23 year old female from Chippenham. I have 1 rabbit, 2 pet tortoises and 1 horse. I have done dog walking in the past, I am a horse rider so could also offer stable hand duties such as mucking out, turning out, feeding etc.
Amy, dog walking - SN6 Cricklade

Hi, I'm Amy and I'm 16 years old. I have many pets and have previously had more! I've got 3 large dogs, 5 fully grown cats and 3 kittens and two chinchilla's. Previous animals I have also had are fish, snakes, bearded dragons, ducks, rab...
Katy, dog walking in Worton SN10

Hello! My name is Katy and thank you for looking at my profile. I have had pets around me all of my life (there were 3 dogs, 7 cats and some fish in the family already when I came along!) and absolutely adore animals. I have recent...
Kira-marie, dog walking in Trowbridge

I have myself 2 kittens and fish. Which are a handful but love them to bits. I also walk my nans dog daily for 30 mins which we do about mile and a half. He loves it as he runs around. I have a level 3 qualification in animal care. Which...
Katrina, dog walking - SP4 Durrington

Hi, I’m Katrina! I share 3 golden retrievers with my parents, and have experience in looking after dog, cats and fish. Most of my animal experience is with dogs (of all shapes and sizes), from looking after a litter of golden retriev...
Faye, dog walking - BA12 Stockton

I'm Faye . Full time house wife for my fiancée and our two greyhounds. I've always loved animals and jump to any chance I can to be there, look after or even give affection to any animal. I don't care if it's a horse, snake, rabbit or d...