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Jenny, dog walking in Worcester

Willing to dog walk regularly or in the short term due to the owner being temporarily housebound due to illness or workload etc
Sasha, dog walking in Worcester WR99

I adore animals. I have two rabbits and 6 rats and im also getting a pup. i have always been an animal lover and would love to help care for animals. i have a lot of spare time and this would be a great way to use the time for some good.

My name is Libby and I am 16 years old. I have recently left school and I am looking for experience in working. I have had many pets over the years, from fish, to riding horses when I was about 6 years old. At the minute I have t...
Danielle, dog walking in Worcester

I am an avid walker looking for a furry friend or two to keep me company! I have a family dog (large breed) and have looked after all sizes and breeds! I am an animal lover, looking for some extra money on the side. I used to dog sit for...
Cath, dog walking in Worcester

Hi, I am a A Level Student. I have two cats of my own and have had experience with dogs, such as my aunt's dog and friends' dogs. I would be happy to look after the animals or walk the dogs!
Sydney, dog walking in Worcester

Hello, I am Sydney and I'm currently a film student at the university of Worcester. I've always been a big animal lover and have owned dogs, cats, hamsters and snakes. As I have just moved to university I have had to say goodbye to my do...
Caitlin, dog walking - WR99 Worcester

My names is Caitlin and I'm 15 years of age through my life I have had a range of animals and have looked after many. At the moment I have 2 cats, 2 guineapigs and 2 axolotls (salamanders) I have had to look after them for a while now ...
Amey, dog walking in Worcester

Hello I am Amy. I am a 17 year old (18 in Nov) student working towards becoming a Primary School Teacher. I am currently the owner of a very cute 10 year old cat called Lightning and a 10 week old kitten called Scout. I have had exp...
Sophie, animal boarding in Worcester WR99

Hi my name is sophie, i have a very large passion For animals and enjoy to take care of them when needed over my time I have had many animals such as dogs, cats, chickens, birds, chinchilla, mice, fish, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs and h...

I have a passion with working with animals! My house is like a zoo full of animals already so i started taking care of friends and family's pets and found i really enjoyed doing this