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Eloá, home help in Aberdeen AB11

Hello, my name is Eloá. I am 28 years old. I just moved to Aberdeen, was living in Italy before and I was born in Brazil. To be honest I worked with children the most part of my life. But I've always been very attached to my grandmothers and we love spending time together. I have no experience in care, but I am very careful and a great company.
Joviette, senior home help in Aberdeen AB11

I am Joviette. I love taking care of people. It's just a natural habit and you won't regret it
Hannah, senior home help in Aberdeen

My name is Hannah and I am 20 years of age. I am currently offering to help and elderly persons who would be in need of Company, Cleaning/ Ironing, assistance with shopping (collecting shopping myself and taking to person(s) or taking them to the shopping market and helping with bags etc. I am also willing to help out with administrative duties if/when required. I am a friendly polite and happy person who is willing to help and learn. I enjoy getting to know people and learning about the i...
Morgan, home help - AB12 Aberdeen

My name is Morgan, I am 16 years old. I like to help people and would love to spend my time either spending time with somebody and just making them feel happy or to spend my time being useful and helping them do household chores that they maybe wouldn't be able to do. I am a happy, kind and patient person who would be happy to help anyone as much as I could. I have experience as I used to help out with my own elderly grandma and still do. I do weekly shopping and household chores for her. I a...
María José, home help in Aberdeen

Hi My name is María José I am from Costa Rica, i am nanny and I am university of Aberdeen I have some free time for working and love to help so would like to get a part time job

Thanks for looking at my advert. I am 48 years of age and have years of life experience. I am a deep caring heart, trustworthy and honest lady. I worked for The Salvation Army for 13 years. I volunteer through Royal Voluntary Service as a hospital visitor on the ward chat to dementia, stroke and fall patients and chop up their food and they are always pleased to see me trying to make them feel better with a smile and chat company. I also help at a care home and the ladies are glad to see me...
Adele, home help in Aberdeen

Hello my name is Adele and I'm 23 an I am from Aberdeen I do not have any professional experience but I have experience in caring for my own grandparents. I am a respectful and trustworthy person and would love the opportunity to spend time with someone who just needs a little support I am willing to do anything that is needed. I do not currently drive but I am looking into this ASAP
Priyanka, home help - AB15 Aberdeen

I am a 16 year old girl who is looking for a Saturday job. I am currently in full time education so I can work weekdays if needed but only during holiday periods. I enjoy helping the elderly. I have elderly grand parents who I help when I visit them. I do chores such a cleaning the house and washing and drying dishes. Additionally, I enjoy keeping them company.
Dorota, senior home help in Aberdeen AB24

Hi there, My name is Dorota and I'm a 29 years old polish girl. I was always a helper but realised that very recently. All of my previous jobs was based on helping others. I may not have experience but I am a fast learner. What makes me choose that industry is that I am an empathetic person with can-do-attitud. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Dorota:
Kimberley, senior home help in Aberdeen AB11

Hello, my name is Kimberley and I'm 23 years old. I would love to just be a bit of company for anybody who may feel like they would like some. I am happy to do cooking, cleaning or anything else you may need. I'm also just looking for someone who is keen to share some stories and play some board or card games with. Or even if you just want to have someone to sit in silence with, or a friend for a day out at the park for a cup of tea. I'm also a keen knitter.
Carolina, home help in Aberdeen

I am a trained health professional. I have experience working with the elderly and children. I really enjoy being part of help for people.
Iolanda, senior home help - AB25 Aberdeen

• Excellent communication skills - ability to speak 3 different languages (English, Greek and Romanian) • Good at listening and able to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. • Highly Organised - enjoy keeping things tidy and in order • Teamwork - good at leading groups and helping others with tasks. • Good at making decisions for every situation • Honest - Good Communicator - Strong Values - Creative - Passionate - Person Centred - Self Motivated - Reliable -Inclusive - Flexible - Ca...
Catriona, nursing - AB39 Aberdeen

I am a fully qualified RGN with years of experience in the care industry.
Irina, home help in Aberdeen

I like housework and I are dear older people , get them all .
Maria-claire, senior home help in Aberdeen AB25

Hello, My name is maria-claire. I am an international student from Nigeria, studying pharmacy at Robert University. I am currently on holiday and working as a volunteer at cancer research and at St. Mary's Cathedral bookshop. As a student on holiday, I am looking for job to keep me busy. I am interested in care work as I would love to be involved in helping people in need. Although I have no much experience in care work, I feel could do this job because as a person, I enjoy cooking, shop...
Joanna, home help in Aberdeen AB24

Hello! My name is Joanna and I'm a PhD student in English who is looking for extra work. I'm a reliable person, quite friendly and I like to spend time with other people. I'm very punctual and work really hard. I would like to give elderly people a hand with anything they'd need from shopping to just keeping company or helping with the house work. I have never worked as a professional in the field but I have elderly parents whom I've helped a lot in the past, just as I did with my grand...
Claire, nursing care at home in Aberdeen AB16

Hi my name is Claire, I'm happy to help with most daily tasks. Your needs can be discussed.. I'm available to work full or part time hours, except evenings & weekends..
Amal, senior home help in Aberdeen

my name Amal Ali 29years old im looking for part time job i hve 4 hours free fom 1:00 to 4:00 pm ... i am student in international house school to study english im in upper intermediate level ... i had cared my grandmum for 4 years .. i can cook well and im kindly flexible person .. i love setting with eldery people
Ann, senior home help in Aberdeen

I am a student. I am a hard working and positive person. I can help the elderly through being someone they can speak to or go shopping with. Someone who can help them with their ironing and cleaning. Someone who can help cook and assist them to eat. I am positive, caring, thoughtful, strong communicator. I have been a home carer for a terminal cancer and dementia patient. I have also worked in a care home.
Preet, senior home help in Aberdeen

Hey! I am a positive and enthusiastic student in Aberdeen looking to undertake care for the elderly. I lived with both my grandparents whilst growing up and would love to provide company to the elderly and assist with any tasks.
Bérénice, home help - AB10 Aberdeen

Bonjour je m’appelle Bérénice, j’ai 19 ans et je suis étudiante. J’ai toujours aimé échanger avec les seniors et donner un coup de main dans les domaines la où ils ont des difficultés. Je me ferai donc une joie de vous aider.
Liliya, home help in Aberdeen AB25

I have no experience but I am willing to learn. I live away from home so I miss my grandparents a lot. I think this is a great opportunity to get closer to elderly people and at the same time to fill fulfilled by helping them.
Louise, nursing in Aberdeen AB21

hello, I'm louise! I have been giving help to both my grandparent for years now. Helping them with shopping, their bills, cooking and cleaning.
Emily, home help in Aberdeen

Hi My name is Emily.I am currently studying Nursing in Aberdeen. I am chatty kind and caring.I Have experience volunteering in two nursing homes and also look after my elderly grandparents when required.I am reliable and trustworthy.

I am Isabel, a Spanish girl living in Scotland. I was living in Edinburgh for three years looking after two kids. I have immediate availability and flexibility to work companing, cooking, doing shopping for adult people in need. I´m friendly, organized, tidied and clean person. I have references which testify my skills and experience. Thanks and regards, Isabel

My name is Donna and I'm 49 yrs old. I've had experience as a school cleaner for 12 yrs and also worked as a home help for a couple of yrs. I help out with my dad who is 85 and previously helped with housework for my 89 yr old aunt.

I am a female student looking for a part time job in Aberdeen. I like being with other people and help them so I would like to help elderly women with shopping, eating or when they need company just being with them.
Megan, senior home help in Aberdeen AB12

Hi I'm megan, and I'm 15. I help look after my grandma who has just had an operation on her breast because she was diagnosed with cancer, I help take her shopping, I sit and keep her company, we sit and play games tell eachother stories and I sit and take it all in, I like to hear stories about how it was like when they were at school and how their life's were.

Hello, I'm Robyn I'm an 18 year old bubbly, shy girl with a great sense of humour. I have always had a passion to work with others and help them. From a young age I have always wanted to help and understand people and their needs. I love a challenge and I love learning new skills. I'm good at listening and understanding. I have worked in a nursing home as a domestic and laundry assistant for nearly a year.

Hello, I have just moved to Aberdeen to study medicine and I am looking for any part-time jobs. I am free in the afternoon and evening during the week and both daytime and evening during the weekend. I can provide excellent references from my previous employer. Please feel free to ask me any questions. Thank you, Lucy