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Francesca, home help - DE1 Derby

Hi, I'm Francesca. I worked in a residential care home for a year whilst I was at college, learning how to care for the elderly in a highly respected home. I also have done two a-levels in health and social care, most of which is centred around looking after the elderly. I have also had a lot of experience in looking after my elderly family members, particularly preparing meals and helping out with tasks such as housework or doing some grocery shopping. I really enjoy helping out and putting ...
Carla, nursing care at home - DE1 Derby

My name is Carla. I have done care work for 5 years. This includes working at the Royal Derby hospital and a residential care home. I have achieved top grades in my college qualification 'extended diploma health and social care level 3'. I believe I have alot of general knowledge in the health and social care sector and will always be willing to help. I am a very loving and social person. I promote positively as much as possible and always willing to do any activities. I will always find a ...
Katerina, senior home help in Derby DE1

Hi, my name is Katerina, I'm originally from the Czech Republic, anyway I moved to England to study at the University. I'm studying Criminology second year now and live in Derby. I can help you with household tasks, go shopping for you and being your company if you need somebody. I am friendly and am aware the are so many things difficult for the eldery, here I am to help you anytime you need. My grandparents have always been here for me yet I have been here always for them. They're...
Chloe, senior home help - DE1 Derby

i am a 17 year old college student currently studying English and Maths and a BTECH in skills and qualities from Monday to Friday from 9:00am till 3:00pm which should hopefully help me with my career path. i could help the elderly with their house chore such as hovering, ironing, sweeping up or just keeping them company such as talking to them. My main qualities are that I am polite, respectful and I have a non-judgemental attitude, I can use my own initiative and i like to keep clean and t...
Harriet, home help in Derby DE1

I’m a 19 year old student hoping to become an A&E nurse. I can offer most kinds of help they may need/ want as I am a kind and caring individual who is very passionate about caring for people. My main qualities are that i am a good listener, caring, easy to get on with and I’m non judgemental. My main experiences include caring for my grandma when she was alive who had lung cancer. However as I am a health and social care student I also have more knowledge of helping and caring for the ...
Molly, home help in Derby

I am still in full time education at woodlands. I am a trustworthy girl who takes pride in everything I do. I can take orders well and I can do them to the best of my ability. I currently have no experience but I feel that I could learn easily
Megan, home help in Derby DE1

i am 15 years old and i love to help out, i have years of experience with caring for older people and for people with disabilities because of family members. i am a very reliable person, so if any personal requirments need covering, i am more than willing!
Nikki, senior home help - DE1 Derby

Hello, my name is Nikki, I am a 16 year old girl with a very positive attitude towards other people! I love spending time with others in order to keep them happy and smiling. I love to see a happy face. I can help with things such as companionship, communicating, walks, shopping, cooking/helping with meals and household chores. The only experience I have is helping out with my mother a lot who is severely disabled and I help with the things listed above and much more.
Joanne, home help in Derby DE1

Hi My name is Joanne. I am a bubbly person and have a heart of gold people would say. I get the pleasure from helping others. I be willing do shopping, administration assistant work, ironing or cleaning as these would be areas I be strong in. I say I am easy approachable and easy to talk to. I enjoy meeting new people and helping where I can.
Chloe, home help in Derby

I have experience helping seniors with care as 2 of my grandmother's suffered from Dementia. I would help them with shopping, cleaning, eating and I would just be good company for them :) whether it be reading, listening, watching a film with them etc.
Chelsea, home help in Derby

I love to help out where I can at all times. I used to work in a care home where I used to look after the residents, this involved interacting with them, supporting them when they needed help with eating and getting dressed. I am always happy to help others as it makes me feel happy about myself that I was able to make someone else happy.
Davina, senior assistant in Derby DE1

Hi, i am Davina. I have a passion for giving the elderly as I have been doing this for my grandad since my grandma passed away. I am a caring, compassionate and responsible individual with a strong commitment to providing quality aged care so that the elderly can live with maximum dignity, comfort and independence.

Hi, i am a 14 year old girl. Currently i am in year 10 (GCSE) and i love to help other people. I am a very hard worker and am a very reliable person. I am looking for something part-time and i would love this experience. I always get phenomenal comments in my school reports and all of my teachers say that i try my hardest at everything that i do. I would like to get some money so i can start saving up for a car. I can help with making meals. I can help with shopping and I can also be good com...

Hello, my name is Zoe, and I'm hoping to gain some work experience and help make somebody's life a little easier and more pleasant. I'm nineteen and would possibly like to go into counselling, music or writing, but before settling into one line of work I'd like to gain some varied experience. I don't have any professional experience working with the elderly, but I have experience working within childcare and enrichment, and I have a lot of personal experience cooking and cleaning, managin...
Magdalena, senior home help in Derby DE1

Hey, my name is Maggie. I'm 16 and still in school but I'm willing to help whenever I can. I was very close to my grandma and since she passed away I've been harding to deal with a lot of things so I want to rebuild this relationship. I think building up a relationship with the elderly is important not only for my benefit but for theirs as well. Everyone deserves a friend in each part of their life and I am willing to be that friend. I would love to help as much as I can and prove myself a ki...
Natálie, home help - DE1 Derby

Hi! I am a 19 years old girl from the Czech Republic, who came to study Illustration at the University of Derby. I love painting, drawing, and taking photos. I also like dancing, cooking and travelling. I like pets, fashion, and cosmetics, too. I would like to make a company in my free time... :-) Feel free to send me a message!
Kirsty, carer in Derby DE1

My names kirsty I am 22 years old I currently look after my 2 nieces and used to care for my nan with all aspects of life during her battle of cancer

Would love to be company to an older person aswell as be of assistance to them.
Jess, senior home help in Derby DE1

Hey I'm Jess a friendly uni student who's just finished her first year at the university of Derby. I think all people deserve the same quality of life and I think if some people, in this case the elderly, need a hand in having a chilled and happy life then people should strive to help them. I would enjoy spending my time helping people out.
Paulina, senior home help - DE1 Derby

I am a first-year student at the University of Derby who is looking for a job that can co-exist with lectures. I think that my biggest advantage is positive attitude to the world and hard working. I am self-motivated to work on the individual basis to reach target. I am not afraid of new tasks and very excited for new challenges.
Leanne, home help - DE1 Derby

I am fully trained in health care and have experience in all areas from assisted eating to personal care

I studied a Social Pedagogy so I have experience with old people and with (old, adult) handicapped people, with handicapped children and with children. I was helping every day my grandparents when I lived in Czech Republic because we lived in the same village.

Optimist, patient and responsible person willing to help elderly people in their day to day tasks.

hi my name is Leanne im 27 years old i can help you with cooking cleaning and bathing and shopping im also great company. I do not have any experience but this is something i would really like to do now and in the future thanks for taking the time to read this.