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Baudinot, senior home help in Farnham

I'm , I'm 17 years old and 18 soon, I come from France ! I quit like talking, reading to people, because first I really read for myself and I would like to share my "passion". I'm a big talker but in English I still make some mistakes, but I'm working on my grammar, my pronunciation... I would like to spend time with old people because since I'm here I don't see my grandparents, and I miss them ! I don't really have experience but I'm always smiling :)
Lydia, senior home help in Farnham

Hello there. My name is lydia and I am almost 17. I have been caring for my grandparents and have watched them get old and forgetful. This has inspired me to help others with any little jobs they have, whilst still letting them keep their independence which I know is most important to my grandparents. I am very personable and love to chat which can be nice for the elderly if they're abit lonely due to loss of family members or just general life. If you have any queries, feel free to m...
Nicola, senior home help in Farnham GU9

I'm approachable honest helpful understanding I love a chat have done personal care in the past I am reliable and always happy to help. I currently have part time jobs in childcare and care for a child with disabilities and can provide current references. I am in the process of updating my DBS as I have recently moved.