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Molly, senior home help in North shields NE30

Hi, im a 15 year old girl currently looking for extra money. I looked after my gran for around 1 and a half years when she was ill and she has sadly now passed away. I am a friendly person and will be able to keep a person company. You may think because I am only 15 I will not be able to complete the job but I have worth ethic and I would like to work with older people when I am older so this is good learning experience for me.
Sophie, home help in South shields NE33

Hello my name is Sophie I am a very mature 21 year old currently working in a care home dealing with those who suffer from dementia. I deal with medication and personal care. I also do shopping, laundry and cleaning and provide social visits for company. I am gentle and loving with a very soft nature, I love doing what I do working within the healtchhcare sector. I am trustworthy and respect the older clients I currently work with.
Katie, senior home help - NE28 Wallsend

My name is Katie I'm looking to do some Caring I'm a very Independent truth worthy individual I love to help people out, I'm very talkative which means I'm very social I can offer my best at every situation I'm faced with I'm also very reliable and loving I won't let anyone down.
Vickie, home help in Wallsend

Hello! I am a 16 year old girl looking for an evening/weekend job as I am currently still in education. I would like to help care for those who would benefit from it and feel I would be able to bring my patience and positive attitude to this position. I am open to any enquiries you may wish to make and can have a reference on hand should you like to look at it. I would also be up for meeting the family/other before any arrangements have been made.
Chloe, home help in South shields

Hello I'm Chloe and I'm willing to help look after, care for and be a friend to people. I have had some experience with my own lovely grandparents and the week I spent working with the Age UK charity helping in their technology classes and in the over 50's cafe. I love to read and don't mind reading aloud or just chatting with cups of tea. I do a lot of the shopping at home and enjoy walking and don't usually have any trouble with shopping bags. I'm the dish washer at home and know how to ...
Sharon, senior home help in North shields NE29

I am a qualified adult nurse, and have spent the last 10years working in emergency and respiratory medicine. I am looking to come out of nursing but still work with people. I just feel the real reason I went into nursing, to give care to my patients, has changed so much that I feel I care more for paperwork than I do my patients. I feel leaving qualified nursing I will be able to give the time, emotional and physical support I feel patients deserve, and I miss the personal care aspect of nurs...
Lydia, senior home help in Boldon colliery

In 2014 I attended a week's induction course for the elderly care and community but unfortunately returned back to Malta but returning back to the UK in August 2015. I found the course very interesting, how to handle patients needs and dealing with their families. I feel it prepared me for this type of work.
Simonne, home help in South shields

Hi, my name is Simonne and im 17 years old. I am pattionate about caring for others, helping them and giving them my all. I am caring, helpful, friendly, i can adapt to different situations quickly and love my job as a carer. I will always go that extra mile if it makes them more comfortable and/or happier. I have experience in this job as i was a home carer for 6 months dealing with many types of different people, different situations and how to deal with it.
Laura, home help - NE33 South shields

I am very caring friendly patient and love to help others. I have brought my children up for the last 9 year and have been a full time house wife. I enjoy working with the elderly. U have previously worked for care watch as a home help before having the children.
David, home help in South shields NE33

Am David i am 16 years old i have experience caring as i am a young carer at home
David, home help in South shields

Reliable to shop for you I am a friendly 16 year old wanting to help out

I am 28 years old.with 4 children.i regularly care for my grandparents and I have a selection of elderly neighbours I help out now and again.a can cook, clean, wash, dress, go shopping, feed, ,take people out.i am a very caring person and can deal with tricky situations calmly.i like to talk to people and I like to help people the best I can

I am a fit healthy Healthcare Assistant I have recently taken early retirement I would still like to do a few hours in the care sector I am happy to look after clients while Carer has a break, I can do shopping or support clients to get out and about.

I'm a mother of 6 which 2 have disabilities so i have had a lot of experience in looking after others. Caring comes naturally and it's all I know how to do . 2 of my children have now moved out into their own homes I have a daughter almost 20 years old with autism still at home but in college now full time and 3 younger children in school, I have a lot of spare time now on my hands that I'm not used to but find it hard to find a job as I've been full time mam and carer for last 20 years
Elliott, senior home help - NE29 North shields

I assist an elderly man at present with house chores and diy jobs
Ellie, senior home help in Wallsend

I am a cheerful and bright person who loves to help others, I can help with general duty such as cleaning and shopping as well as daily company and have a chat, I am a great listener and love to find out another others. I have experience in this area as I used to help care for family members.

I'm a 15 year old female looking for a weekend job of some sort to earn an extra bit of money so I'm not in the house all day everyday bored. I love helping people. Iv always said as a child when I grow up I want to work with children or elderlys so this is something I'm Intrested in.

I have experience in this job and would like to carry it on hope to hear soon thank s. .