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Chloe, senior home help in Liverpool

hi, I'm chloe I'm a 18 year old art student currently looking for a job. I'm well mannered and friendly. I don't have much experience. but I have helped a few elderly people on the street if they needed help. I have good communication skills and I am a good listener. I can be trusted with money to go out and get shopping and come back and even help put it away. I'm very helpful and caring as well as passionate when it comes to helping people in need. I will do what I can with reason t...
Victor, home help in Liverpool L11

Hello! My name is Victor, I´m 24 years old and I am from Madrid (Spain). I would like to take care retired people, helping them whatever they need me. I can drive, do the houseworks, go shopping, and also I can offer my company. I am a friendly, responsable and funny boy!
Jordan, home help in Liverpool L8

My name is Jordan I am a 17 year old female. I have been a full time carer for my mum since I was 12 and this has provided me with the understanding of how to care for someone, that caring for people has its benefits and it can make someone feel so much better just talking to them and spending time with them. I can help the elderly by doing anything they ask. The main qualities that I have is I have a caring nature which name and that I care about if I say something wrong it could upset the p...
Mariarosaria, senior home help in Liverpool L15

I 'am Mariarosaria, I have 25 years and I am Italian girl!! I can help the older person to do the shopping, cooking, cleaning the house, to help her wash and dress, to do the laundry, ironing. I am a very patient, cheerful and generous, I like to listen and learn new things, even if you need to repeat them every day, I'm happy. The experience is a familiar genre. I have an aunt with some problems mentale.Quando needed me to wash c I was, or might help vestirla.La kitchen was a must, because ...
Jessica, home help in Liverpool L8

I have been caring for my nan for 2 years. I am 16 years old and have also started caring for my grandad who is starting with the early signs of dementia. I love being able to help them as i see my other family members struggling to do so on there own. I provide meals , changes of clothes. I also go shopping for them and also take them on days out whenever they feel up to it. It really makes me feel good about myself as they deserve to be looked after effectively and by me is even better in d...
Deirdre, home help - L8 Liverpool

Hi Im a 52 year old female - looking to help you out. I have worked for many years in industry and feel now it is time for a change and do something more rewarding with my days. I can help with caring element such as washing and dressing, feeding, food prep. Help with housework, gardening, laundry, cooking, cleaning, take to appointments, outings. I would like the person I am helping to tell me what they wish me to do. I am a warm friendly educated lady who wants to be a companion to so...

My name is Tasha and I am 15 years old. I am looking for some experience and I'm willing to help any one who needs it, whether it's doing the shopping or cleaning around the house. I am also kind and caring.
Maria, carer - L1 Liverpool

It's time to enjoy! Crafts, company, care, reading, play...I'm Maria and I'm a teacher and Sociocultural animation. I love cook, read, sports and spending time with my family. I hope so enjoy the next day with you ?
Barbara, senior home help - L2 Liverpool

Hello My name is Barbara and I am 20 years old from Hungary. I would like to help elder people I like to talk to them as they have experience in life and can help a lot! I use to go work with my mum as she is a social/care worker! I use to sit down and talk to the people! I like talking, meeting with new people going for a walk, reading!
Emma-louise, senior home help in Liverpool L15

Hello! My name is Emma-Louise , I am currently studying at the University of Liverpool. I am a happy, positive and reliable individual! I am always willing to help others and would love the opportunity to help yourself! Although i do not have any professional experience, over the recent years I have helped a family member with multiple tasks such as shopping, washing and cleaning, feeding and most importantly some good company (weather that is just to watch the football or an afternoon out!).
Danielle, home help - L4 Liverpool

Hi, my name is danielle. I am 22 years old and I currently do not have any experience looking after the elderly but I am willing to learn. I have a very close friendship and bond with my Nan and friends Nan and would love to make new bonds with others and spend time with them and help out. My Nan is my rock and I would like to help others feel as important as they should and that there are some nice people out there.
Jacqueline, nursing in Liverpool

I love to help people I looked after my 3 children who was sick for 5 years then my nan for 3years so I no the help people need and am willing to do any work they need me to do I can help with the house work shopping cooking bathing washing dressing days out going to see friends and family am happy to just be a friend and go and see people to make sure they are ok if they need me to do anythink for them or if they just want someone to chat to
Katie, senior home help in Liverpool L33

I believe I would be good at this job because I'm a very helpful person and I believe it's a nice gesture to help people who need the help. I can help with all things from shopping to cleaning, or even just company. I believe I'm a very happy helpful person. although I don't have any experience in elderly care I believe I could be a quick learner.
Babliuc, home help in Liverpool

Hi! I am Ana and i came from Romania. I love taking care of people and be happy to do something for the others. Feel like i still have my grandparents around xxx I am glad that i can help you and i can't wait to meet you. lots of blessings xxx
Joanna, home help in Liverpool L8

My grandmother is one of the most important person in my life, she teached me so many important things in life -now I want to pay the "debt" and help someone who need trustworthly, reliable and interesting companion, cook and help in any domestic work. In my opinion, one of the most important thing in life is presence -that's exactly what I want to offer as an senior service.

I can offer a wide range of help.
Megan, senior home help in Liverpool L15

My name is Megan, I am 20 years of age and I am from Ireland. I am a 3rd year Law Student. I am a caring, kind, chatty and bubbly person. I am patient and respectful and know how important it is to be careful and gentle in this type of job. I am honest and trustworthy and will consider a variety or jobs whether it is keeping the lady/gentleman company, doing housework, walking their dog etc. I looked after my granddad when he was sick and have a lot of respect for the elderly.

Having cared for my mother for 12 years with Alziemers in which was a pleasure to do . My mother was 80 years young when she sadly passed away . At first this was a learning curve for me as I didn't have much knowledge about my mothers illness. I learnt quite fast as my mum condition changed on a daily basis for example not washing and having to tell her. Through this illness I was approached by Mossley Hill Hospital to do mental health course and sit on a panel with doctors and staff to gi...

Bonjour, Je suis française et je vis en Angleterre. Votre annonce correspond à mes valeurs et me semble être une excellente opportunité. Je gère déjà des clients pour plusieurs entreprises dans le domaine bancaire et financier à l'international, à distance. Je travaille également en tant qu'aide-soignante indépendante auprès des personnes âgées et/ou handicapées. Je veuille aux soins complets et quotidiens de mes clients à leur domicile en vivant 24H/24H et 7J/7J auprès d'eux et/o...

I have a caring nature and would love to help others improve there quality of life. I am willing to do this by company, helping any tasks big or small. I would love to make a difference to someone's life in any small way I can. I would love to hear from you. I have been in childcare sector for 10 years I am qualified in all areas of child development. I have first aid training in both adult and child I am not trained in looking after the alderlybut more than willing to learn
Camille, senior home help - L1 Liverpool

Hello, I'm french and I'm looking for a social job. I am smiling and nice and I can help you in different areas.
Laura, home help in Liverpool

Hi my name is Laura I live in kirkby with my partner and 3 daughters I work in a care home during the day as a laundry assistant part time hours I'm hardworking reliable honest caring and compassionate I have a lot of patience thankyou
Jessica, senior home help - L27 Liverpool

I'm Jessica I love helping people I help elderly people and it makes me happy when there happy
Justine, home help - L33 Liverpool

Am 23 with 2 children 9 months 4 years all I do is clean etc I love it :) I have my own house
Cristina, senior home help - L8 Liverpool

Buenas! Soy Cristina Millán. Soy española pero he venido a Inglaterra para aprender inglés. Para ello necesito trabajar y mantenerme aquí. Soy graduada en Administración y dirección de empresas. Adoro a mis abuelos y en general me encantan las personas mayores porque pienso que con sus años de experiencia tienen mucho que poder enseñarme.
Karla, home help in Liverpool

I'm a lovely person
Ellie, senior home help in Liverpool L11

This is what I want to do in the future this would certainly help me get exsperience
Salamatu, senior home help in Liverpool L3

I will be happy if I get it
Barna, home help in Liverpool

I like to help others.:)
Krystal, home help in Liverpool L33

It would be amazing to work at here